⚠ ☞Guild Mean Machine(rank 30, bracket 5) is recruiting 🌟 looking for 2 more members ⚠


Everyone telling me I’m wrong? Must be a conspiracy.

Start a bunch of drama; surprised when I get called out on it.

You’re right, it’s not you, it’s us. Going away would be the only decent thing you’ve done all day, but I’m guessing you won’t stay gone. But please, prove me wrong.


Since the topic has already gone awry, it will not be worse if I add my 2 cents. :slight_smile:
No top guild will remain a top guild long if its members are happy with only 300 trophies per week.
And only few people can make thousands of trophies each week.
That is why the requirements can’t be set too high : people need to take a breath or are busy with RL sometimes.
And that is why the requirements are not the goal to reach but merely minimums.
Of course it is only a game, but the process of recruitment is quite similar to what it is in a company. And you are expected to prove that choosing you was the right thing to do when you join a top guild.
Obviously you are not fit for that.


Anyone should be extremely glad to be a part of any of the guilds represented here, let alone Mean Machine which you applied to. You should know coming in you gotta prove yourself to them. Not the other way around.

Best of wishes on your search for glory, but change the attitude.


Correction: the spreadsheet hasn’t been updated for 2 days. 13 people have met the requirements by now :wink:


I see your point about trophies, but I particularly think (not the whole guild’s opinion, though) it’s better to have happier members than make them all struggle every week just so we can brag that we are on a top position (and potentially be able to recruit more people that want to having these bragging rights). And, tbh, our trophy average has been constantly over 300, so there’s also that hehehe


I was replying to Raito who seemed to think that guilds with a better rank than yours would be happy to welcome him with open arms.
I think there are all kinds of players with all kinds of expectations, all perfectly respectable. As long as the strategy and aims of the guild are in agreement with the expectations of its members, there is no need to struggle. Besides, it is a game, it should be about having fun, not about struggling.


I know, I know, I was just further explaining my reasons to support the lower-than-average trophy requirements =)


And I don’t disagree with you. Until the ranked PVP system was released, our only requirement was to reach tier 1 each week. I tend to think that raising the requirements generates more pressure than performance.
Although we have only been lurking, we have read the posts about the creation of your system of guild points and have found the system interesting.


Don’t mind me! I’m just passing by and now I’m out…


All I have to say bout the whole dibacle


I just wanted to be eating some popcorn reading all these posts!


Thanks for the warning, Raito. You just made me aware of a guild with a policy I would love to join if I should ever need.


Looking for 1 new member.
We already completed 2 legendary tasks this week, and we are at 27k seals.


I do love me some drama, just read all of the above and thought I’d give you guys a free bump at the same time!


Completed another legendary task and we are at 30k seals. Still looking for a member :slight_smile:


I like how you replied to yourself don. I know it may make me look strange but i foumd it very entertaining :joy:


Looking for 2 new members.
We are at 37k seals right now on Thursdays.
If interested leave a comment or send me a private msg :slight_smile:


il join send me an invite, invite code is ANUTYR THE PIRATE if that does not work then try ANUTYR_THE_PIRATE


Invite sent


Still loking for 1 member :slight_smile: