⚠ ☞Guild Mean Machine(rank 30, bracket 5) is recruiting 🌟 looking for 2 more members ⚠


One spot available up for grabs! Don’t miss out!

Reply here or find it us on discord:


Still seeking one individual who wants to join a relaxed guild that still gets stuff done.

PM myself or Vasilisk or join us on Discord.


bumping it!


Three spots now available. Come join and have fun with us ahead of GW week!


We are currently ranked #36 in the league and complete 10-12 legendary tasks each week!


Good laid back guild, we help each other with team builds (via discord) and anything else that people have questions on. Let any of us know via PM or hit up up on Discord.


3 places up for grabs!
Come join us, you won’t regret it!


2 spots left… PM one of us or join us on Discord.


Now only one spot available! Come claim it!


One spot available in Mean Machine. Come join a top guild who respects your real life.
Reqs are
1300 seals
500k gold
100 trophies


Bumping the topic! Needless to say that we have 15+ LTs and finish all events!


bumping this as we have a spot open! contact us here or on discord


Two spots now available! come join us!


bumping this up


Need 3 due to recent retirements from the game. PM either of us or join us on Discord (link above).


One spot grabbed, two still available.

Come and join us. We offer great game-life balance! :slight_smile:


We do understand that real life comes first and have set our requirements to match the typical gamer/adult/“work for a living” lifestyle.


To make it easy for you all, here is the link: https://discord.gg/Vd4CYu2

Also, now only two spots are available!


2 spots left, PM, discord, post… contact either myself or Vasilisk for discussion on guild invite.


Now only one spot available! Come claim it before it’s too late!