⚠ ☞Guild Mean Machine(rank 30, bracket 5) is recruiting 🌟 looking for 2 more members ⚠


2 places still up for grabs!

Find us on discord for quicker replies!


Hi. I’m level 1205 and am interested in joining. Let me know. Thx.


Hi Razguul
I sent you a PM. Please respond when you read it. Thanks


nothing to see here…:slight_smile:


One spot available! Come claim it


spot still open? just got back into the game


2 spots becoming available later today! Find us on discord or reply here to get your place!


Bump this, going to be a lot of legendary tasks this week with the holiday… Come get some!


oh, please feel free to send PM to either @Vasilisk or myself @Clark if you are interested.


Let’s bring this is up for a bit. Grab it while you can


One spot available! Come join us and have fun. Reqs are:
500k gold
1300 seals
100 trophies
Preferably free sigils used in raids & invasions


I love those old screen shots. Why did the devs change them?
I’m interested.
Lvl 717 I lvl about 10 times a day right now.
100 to 150 trophies a week. More with a PvP event going like right now.
about 700 k gold a week.
I lost 3 battles out of 30 last GW.
I just got Infernus this week.
1500 seals each week normally by Friday.


bump 10 chars


Hi Presto, I just saw your full message now. Are you still interested?


let’s bump this once more


My current guild will be fighting your guild later this week in GW.


We now have two spots available!


Still need two more people, join now before the legendaries start dropping on Monday!


Your guild is winning against my current guild.
I’m lvl 823 now.
100 to 150 trophies
about 800 k gold
1500 seals by Wed or Thursday
I will change Sunday


sure that’s great, let us know. thanks