⚠ ☞Guild Mean Machine(rank 30, bracket 5) is recruiting 🌟 looking for 2 more members ⚠


Hi all,
We have two spots available in a friendly and fun guild!
GW bracket 4, Usually finish all events and handful of LTs!

200 trophies
1300 seals
400,000 gold to guild.
Sentinels to 2/2/2/2 (no gems spent)
All 30 GW battles done (hopefully on the day offerered)
Participation in new events

Send PM if interested. Thanks


Currently full, but expect that there will be some more openings soon. Seams there are some people so unsatisfied with the latest update they have stopped playing.


If you guys do get another spot open, I’m looking for a more ambitious guild. I am an active daily player, level 878. I have strong guild wars defense and offense teams and play all the weekly events daily. I would have no problem meeting the weekly requirements you guys have set forth. If you do end up having a spot open up, please let me know!


I am pretty sure we will have a spot open on Sunday. Please bear with us while we create a spot.



we have one spot available! come grow and have fun with us


We have one place available in a top guild (PC/ mobile) that respects your real life. Active participation needed and you will be rewarded with lots of LTs, 40k seals and loads of fun in our discord channel.

Reqs at the moment are: 400k gold 200 trophies 1300 seals sentinels level 2 (at GW week)

Reply here or PM me if interested. Thanks


Open spot at Mean machine, rank 31, bracket 4. 40k seals and lots of LTs.
Min reqs
1300 seals
100 trophies
All sigils used on events


Still looking for one person.

Clarification on sigil usage. We do not require that you purchase Invasion or Raid Boss tiers from the Shop (but we do encourage it as a lot of us do purchase them) but we do require that you use up your free daily sigils to at least contribute that much. We would prefer more but since most everyone thinks these game modes are so bad/boring/frustrating we cannot find it in ourselves to force those that don’t want to buy into them.


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I sent you a pm Vasilisk. Very interested in joining your guild.


Hello im active mobile Player lvl almost 500 full ascendent teams. And im looking for active guild who is doing guild taak. If you wanna have me abord my nick is Iqnac


Now two spots open to join a fun and friendly guild!


Hi, I’m a slightly lower level character (75 atm) But I play enough to easily meet gold/seals/trophy requirements.Haven’t done too much in the way of actual guild missions yet but I pick up quickly.

If you’re interested, hit me up. Fgame#2334 on Discord or BRETT_XY6P in game


we now have 3 spots available!
come have fun and grow with us!

We are rank 31, bracket 4. 40k seals and lots of LTs.
Min reqs
1300 seals
100 trophies
All sigils used on events


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we are looking for 2 spot. Our level is 980 and 903. Please contact me. Thanks.


One spot only available now! Come claim it!


level 1219 daily player looking for a guild where all members participate in all events


We will have one or two spots open at the weekend! Leave us a message if you are interested in joining!


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