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Guild Legendary Task Rewards not Received due to mailbox limit


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Derek House Today at 21:35

My guild had a massive donation drive to legendary tasks on Friday, August 3, and there are many players, including myself, who were unable to redeem a number of legendary tasks that were completed with over 120million gold contributed by guildmates for the new mythic draw.

We all are short, at least, please confirm, I may be undershooting it, but 14 Legendary Tasks. (110, -100mailcap(is it actually this much mail allowed), -4 daily mail)

What a great problem to have! I don’t mean that in a condescending way, I mean that that’s awesome that ya’ll are at a point where something like this can even occur. I hope you all get your goods, and the Dev’s possibly increase the amount of mailbox space. I’d love to hear what you got out of all of that too! :slightly_smiling_face: Good luck!


The mailbox will hold 100 items. You will receive 4 daily mails, plus any defense bonuses.

To be safe I would not do more then 90 legendary tasks in a given day. In addition I would coordinate them over a week to make sure everyone gets their rewards.

Unfortunately it is not awesome at all.
It happened to one of our members last year and he quit the game because of the (lack of) answer of the devs to his problem.
I recommend when you have a LT to spread the LTs all over the week. When we are planning one we usually prepare a schedule in advance to avoid to have too many LTs in a single day.

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I know missing out on rewards isn’t awesome. I said I’m glad for them that they are in such a good status that they can even afford that many tasks.