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Do you plan on adding a “Trivia” section to the pages like kingdoms or troops? Something that contains misc. info, maybe the history of a troop (if it was regarded as OP for example), how players thought of it, maybe if it got buffed or nerfed. If that’s something you’d like to see, I’d gladly help with writing them.

It’s a wiki, I thought. People, including you, can add whatever they like.

As for troop history, another place that could be provided is the individual troop pages at the Gems of War Database. I added Livefyre comment sections to each troop, weapon, and class (for instance, like this ). People haven’t done much with that, but it’s a good place to remark on individual troops and their history.

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I think the comment on troops will come in time. Just need a new OP troop for people to complain about :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe Queen Mab if current talk is to be believed…

Does anyone have of know where I could find an updated map? It would be very helpful.

Hey there, I’m a guildmaster trying to keep up on where to send my guildees to find information on the game.

I have to admit, I’m a little confused: Are we using and updating the Wikia or not? (Updated troop information is hosted on a different site entirely?)

Would it be appropriate for me to add a link to @Lyya’s database on that page? Or should I keep on trucking adding info on Arcane traitstones to the existing Wikia page from the lists provided elsewhere in this forum by @Eika & @KAYA4EVER?


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Also, it would be good to start identifying what community guides we could incorporate in the WIKI.
it would be better if the authors of the guides created the pages, that way I would not get credits for their work…
joe root
hr@ Australian Assignment help

here you go! or go to: Traitstone cost in Pictures
if it’s not updated on the wikia

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Didn’t realize the old post was updated. Thank you. Appreciate it.

LOL HI I AM AnJel I Am An Addict . It took me long enough to learn what I know I think I asked the global chat something once . OMG I gotta collect all this stuff now for my soulforge n guild wars are on n I gotta level up my fractions . Does all Your Info take long to read ?
What will I learn ? I keep getting blinged out right out of nearly everything my game runs all good n then … Sounds cool though . I just did the know it all buzz n wonder what this does type thing Worked so far … I want a number of team online n inbox message count for the teams .

Very impressive

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But this is actually way outdated, na?

I just learned you stop getting mastery at level 1000. :joy:

Pretty sure that isnt true. You get it every time you level.

I think you do stop getting mastery when the mastery is at 1000. So level 6000, effectively.

I could be wrong though, I don’t know anyone anywhere near 6k - I’m not even 1/4 of that.

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Ahh perhaps. Had not considered that.

That’s an excellent table Redi1. Can confirm that 504 is 65% =)

I’m quite new n just play but don’t really understand a lot of the more techie details so this would be great… I find stuff out eventually but I wanna understand what troops to put together etc… Thank you for doing this I will check it out :100:

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hey Blondie, my first suggestion to every new player is to find an active guild in whatever platform you play. This will improve your game progression by a lot.

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This wiki hasn’t been updated in years. For information about game modes/mechanics, you would probably be best checking out the official game guides here:

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Thankyou… I am blonde lol