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Hey, cool wiki, I was hoping to find somthing in this "New (on ps4) VIP status.

how much VIP points do you need for a VIP level (and so how much money should you spend to get it) etc. I’m trying to find out…

NemoG (PS4)

Knew this bookmark would come in handy:


Thanks! that helps

If you want to improve the wiki, you could add it!

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I realized lately, that you dont get VIP-points for evry real-money-item. Very dissapointing.

Which item are you referring to? Could you provide a name or quick screen-capture?
Because as far as I know it applies to every real-cash exchanged goods.

You may want to send the devs a support ticket about that. All money spent on the game, regardless of what it is spent on, should reward VIP points. gemsofwar.zendesk.com

Yes. Def reach out to them. I’m sure it’s an oversight.

Huh, $790 for VIP 10? What could you possibly spend that amount of money for? There just doesn’t seem like there’s enough options to spend on.

sigh my phone showed this as new, sorry guys

Well it is ok it happens to everyone.

I am having trouble getting more guild members and not sure what to do. Can anyone help or give me suggestions?

move your guild from invite-only to open.

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I have and still no luck :confused:

I apologise if this has been suggested, but maybe under banners/kingdoms include a cross reference table for the mana bonuses?
x B G U Y R P

And then all the uncultured people ask what U stands for. Heh.

Or rather, simply those who are unfamiliar with MTG. Same thing really.

New banners might make that harder to do…


U = blue right? Magic the gathering 101

Do you plan on adding a “Trivia” section to the pages like kingdoms or troops? Something that contains misc. info, maybe the history of a troop (if it was regarded as OP for example), how players thought of it, maybe if it got buffed or nerfed. If that’s something you’d like to see, I’d gladly help with writing them.

It’s a wiki, I thought. People, including you, can add whatever they like.

As for troop history, another place that could be provided is the individual troop pages at the Gems of War Database. I added Livefyre comment sections to each troop, weapon, and class (for instance, like this ). People haven’t done much with that, but it’s a good place to remark on individual troops and their history.

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