GoW Team Build Compendium


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EDIT: Differentiated between Farming Teams and PvP.

Please include in your team post if you use it for PvP or Farm. Thanks! :wink:


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Valk/Valk/Mercy/(Mab or Bat) by Fifth Element

How it looks in the code:
[Valk/Valk/Mercy/(Mab or Bat) by Fifth Element](http://community.gemsofwar.com/t/looking-for-a-super-team-click-here/15464/2)


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S&M redux (you may never have the ability to build this team, but if you can here it is.)
Mono purple banner,
Sun & moon (sorcerer***) magic bonus
Giant spider***

Avina 2 casts to get max souls.
Sun & moon buffs magic of everyone who is not maxed out, aka the two summoners
(reason i want dokkalfar damage to scale off of magic even for split damage)
Giant spider can with one spell fill the entire team some days or just fill sun and moon other days.
Avina is a counter to undead troops and normally (where i am at) 1 shot undead troops.
This team has more staying power than most other teams. Winning can come down to reconstructing the team into a spider brawl. Dokkalfar>giant spider>spider swarm(fully traited the lot.)
Thanks to the meta i got dokkalfar his last trait for more staying power, and then also traited out ancient horror.
This team uses about 6 different troops, only one of them is not guaranteed to be summoned when things go south.
Biggest threat, mercy.


@killerman3333 Do you use this for PvP or just soul farming?


Yes, i use it for both. If i want to two cast win games, i focus on charging up my S&M, if i want to focus on souls, i charge up my giant spider. Mind you i am mid game so mob stats are around 30hpa-50hpa per troop. So in terms of speed, i am able to crush pvp quickly, however i do not like to do pvp more than i have to. Rarely though, i get critically damaged and lose troops, this is why i use two summoners.


Thanks! S&M Redux added to both Farm and PvP list in the OP.

I might have to build that one and see how it works for me! :wink:


I really enjoy the format you are using right now for the main post

And since you are doing it like that I wonder if community guide would be a better place for it. It’s nice and organized and a great guide to new - or old - players for good teams to strive for



One suggestion,

You should split up the farming index into different categories… maybe Traitstone farming and soul farming (whatever you want to call it) so we can all easily see what teams are great for souls and which teams are just really quick in and out explore options

Just an idea :slight_smile:

Edit: also unless you are ordering the teams in terms of best to worst, perhaps the numbering should be bullet points instead, or if there should be a note directly above it saying it’s in a random order. I’m just wondering if people would think that the numbers mean something


what if the numbers represent when they were added.


Or that. I mainly just meant perhaps there should be a note explaining the order or changing it to bullet points :slight_smile:

Or it can stay the same

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Considering how often i get confused, a short snippet should be use to explain the order, or just bullet points.


I made a low level account to test some things. I ended up using this team, and it ended up being really effective at super low level in both PvP and quests:

Dragon Eggs*
Draconian Rogue (can be subbed for dragonette)
Wight*** (one trait works, but three is relatively easy for this current week and even more effective)
Any banner with at least +1 on Dragotaur mana, and +1 on rogue or wight mana. Broken (Brown/Blue) works well, as does Kraken banner and Goblin Banner (Green/Brown).

Has a double 3x team bonus (dragons, and dragon’s claw), soul farm, and good synergy, at an extremely low cost. Both my friend and I (who started two weeks ago) were able to build this due to getting lucky D. Rogue drops on our first weeks. Most low level teams that are actually threatening at this level build around a leveled hero class, which the eggs can stall against as the rogue buffs attack to 1-2 shot range, or true damage one-shots (usually the wight or rogue are targeted early on) which can then be replaced by the eggs’ summon. It ended up being way faster than most “looping” teams at this level, while being every bit as effective for less trait cost.

High level farming teams for explore, though? I have variants of already suggested teams, which I’ll save for now. Here are some teams that are different from what has been stated so far:

(Assume all link/speed traits, clockwork, etc - no traits used on Rowanne ever)

Pre Blackhawk, for explore, I used
Deep Borer***
Hero (mechanist***, imperial jewel)
Blast Cannon**
Broken Banner.

Idea here is that any blue match fills borer, and any brown match fills bombot, and bombot cast usually team wipes or brings them in range for Jewel to clean up.

Since the Kraken banner, I’ve switched to the more-commonly used:

Deep Borer***
Flame Cannon
Hero*** (Mechanist, imperial jewel)
Kraken Banner

Since stone link is not needed anymore to guarantee a non-surge fill on both borer and bombot, you can squeeze another 2 armor out of team bonuses without sacrificing the potential for bad board and non-surge blue match RNG to cost you several seconds. This is probably the overall fastest explore farm in the game for traitstones, even with the life drain glitch. It should start working once you have a bombot that does around 31-32 damage per cast, as most teams should still fall to bombot + hero or bombot + flame cannon. Mythics might need both the flame cannon and the hero to clean them up, though.

If you want great speed and maybe souls, this one is good:

Abyssal Banner.

One surge of either of his colors still fills Ragnagord, or any two purple matches for Banshee. Has multiple spell chains available that will team wipe for those that have good kingdom bonuses (Gord > Banshee > Gord > Rowanne, Banshee > gord > banshee > gord > rowanne, Gord > rowanne)

There are a ton of valk configurations that work, but here is one I don’t see often:

Hero (Mechanist***, Imperial Jewel)
Dragon Banner.

Bombot still fills in a single brown surge, so you can take browns if there are no yellow/reds available and get a quick win on a surge or at least reconfigure the board rather than meander on empty matches or retreating. Probably wont be effective for those with < 50% surge chances. In a red and yellow heavy kingdom, Sirens can be more effective then Hero/Bombot at shaving off a few seconds at the minimum clear time, but I prefer this configuration over having a siren cast miss and waiting 30 seconds as the AI clears out all the extra mana.


You should probably include classic teams too. Off the top of my head that includes: (1) Goblins, (2) Rock Worms, (3) Coronet / Valk / Rowanne / Prismatic, (4) Talia’s beloved “Original Blue”, (5) Sooth / Mab / Valk / Mab, and (6) Maw / IK / Mercy / Sheggra.


If we’re talking “classic teams,” how about some love for [anything] / Alchemist / Valkyrie / Banshee? :slight_smile:


was’t it treant/alchemist/valkyrie/banshee

now we can put either acolyte, warlock in the team, or if lucky death itself. Not sure about death though.


Fine. Modern Classics! :stuck_out_tongue:

But, yes, any of the 2-3 traditional teams that folks use throughout the various stages of play should be included. Particularly since most of those teams tend to be very efficient (i.e., easier to acquire and fewer traits/traitstones needed).


For soul / traitstone farming I’ve been using:

Dragon Soul
Ragnagord ** (for Fast)
Acolyte *** x2 (for Necromancy and bonus Brown)
Plus the Brown +2 banner.

Ragnagord only needs 7 mana to fill, so with the +2 from the banner and +2 from the Acolytes one single brown match charges him up. Next turn he explodes, which usually fills Dragon Soul. Then just use TDS if charged, or Gord if not, until you’ve hit the 80 Soul cap (3 casts).

It’s not quite as speedy as other teams in Explore but it’s pretty close, and I’m clearing 150+ Souls per match (with the +100% soul armor I get 153 if everyone dies with 2 TDS casts, 180 if 3).

I tend to retreat if the first 2 or so matches don’t give me any brown or mostly charge Dragon Soul. If there’s no brown and very little red/purple you’re much better off bailing out and starting over than trying to slowly build up your spells.