GoW makes audio stop playing when it starts

Platform, device version and operating system:
iOS whatever’s current on an iPhone 7

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
When I start Gems of War and I am listening to music on my headphones, I would like for the music to continue playing. Instead, my music stops playing and I have to restart it.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This only happens if I start GoW from a “quit” state. For example, if I background the game and come back later it’s fine. But if I use the task switcher to shut down GoW, then start it, this happens.

Steps to make it happen again

  1. Fully quit Gems of War.
  2. Start playing a song. I recommend Done Bleeding, from the new album In League with Dragons by The Mountain Goats.
  3. The music stops and has to be restarted.

The grand total of everything I know about that band comes from hearing ads for the I Only Listen To The Mountain Goats podcast in episodes of Welcome to Night Vale. I’m kinda vaguely intrigued.

OK! Off-topic but if you want to start that journey I have opinions.

In League with Dragons is a good and bad starting point. You might consider starting by listening to some songs from Tallahassee and All Hail West Texas. I think those two albums best represent the most consistent styles through the band’s history. If you hate All Hail West Texas, then you know not to listen to much from before it. If you hate Tallahassee, then you know to listen to older albums.

The recent cycle of albums (Beat the Champ, Goths, In League with Dragons) are much more better-produced than previous albums. They also don’t tend to focus on the same content involving addiction, self-transformation, and terrible relationships as past albums have. That’s a bummer for me, but I can’t deny the music is very good.

Anyway I’m going to force myself to stop here instead of going on an album-by-album analysis, I really like this band and they have meant an awful lot to me in rough times.

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This is not the power metal I was expecting.


For that consider Rhapsody of Fire or The Sword, I think Age of Winters is a good starting album.

“No Children” and “This Year” are both songs that have provided a lot of solace to me through the years.

Good sound, great lyrics, awesome band.

Having the same issue, very annoying! I think Baby Beard was playing with the wires again…

Is this being addressed?

Technically depending on how you interpret the only dev response, it’s not yet been acknowledged as a bug.

I’d like to talk music with CliffyA, but I’d also like a quick confirmation of whether he was here to make jokes (which is acceptable and I like!) or confirm + make jokes.

Confirmed via testing John darnielle is not only soul baring musician affected. It also works with Jeff Buckley

How do I tell if something is “a known issue” or “if we ignore it it’ll go away”?

If it matters, I see/hear this also. Also on iOS.

I’m just gonna keep bumping this until it’s at least on “known issues”.

This is still an issue in 4.4.5, let’s see if it can at least make the “known issues” list for 4.5, I guess Cliffy’s super busy since he never got around to it.

I create the issues, I don’t log the issues.


I log the issues mwahahaha

I also am frustrated by this right when you’re in the middle of a good song and it goes away T_T

This is an issue with Unity :frowning:

Also I can add it to the known issues list but I tend to try to leave that for even more irritating bugs.

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Ahh, OK I didn’t know it was a Unity issue. That’s a horse of a different color.

I’m lucky I wasn’t taking a sip of coffee here.