Goodbye community

i sick of wasting my time reporting bugs. 5 years i have played this game and every year every week and every day there is a bug or glitch. The developers know about these bugs i sure they see them on the computer screens when they get a alert. So i done with the community but still playing the game with out a care in the world it not my problem and so i not reporting anything. If Gems of War crashes it crashes i not worrying about the troubles this game has. I NEVER talking in gems of war community Forums again.


Just create a ticket, you get 100 gems for reporting.

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I have almost never had the game crash for me except for obvious bugs that were fixed rather quickly (crashes that could be duplicated, like Vash’Dagon crashing the game when used with Arachnaean Weaver). I’m really not sure what everyone is talking about when they claim the game is so unstable.


Well, I had the game soft-lock on me every day, often several times per day, for 9 months because of the explore UI crash.

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Same for me on Xbox, took them ages to fix!

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Sounds like a case of the Mondays.