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Gnome-a-Palooza reward formula

3 gaps for me. Averaging 19-20 vault keys, occasional epic vault key, between 18-20% of the normal resources otherwise. That’s with 56, 57 and 58 battles per gap or around 4/min.

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@Fleg and you are a reason we all got nerfed. Thanks for ruining it for the non elite. They should just nerf people like you. Or reset all the verses at the end of an event for people like you.

If the reward nerf for non-VK items is based around a 50 second timer, is it actually possible to ever exceed more than a theoretical (assuming no menu or other loading times…) 1.2x (realistically less and closer to just 1x) the rewards of a person playing 1 battle per minute, with regards to this statement? Obviously VKs can be more.

Before you talk you should think. 65 Battle per 15min is about 4,333 battles per min. Thats slower than 5-5,2 bpm which seems to be the max.
Furthermore fleg is not the reason since we top players warned dev before they realized gnome storm. After the first nerf most stop to care about everything and now dev using the top players as scapegoat
If you would have read the first post then you see the estimated formula which implies that dev wants people just to do 1 battle per min. Now tell me are you able only to do one battle per min? If you can do more than you are also to be “blamed” for being able to play too fast


Yes how dare we put good teams together. Imagine blaming the players for using what’s available. By the way are you only able to do 1 battle per minute? If so I’m sorry to say but you don’t know how to play the game.


I come to think that I understand what they mean by “too easy” - it’s any battle you can win. If it wasn’t easy, you wouldn’t win. Duh!

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Regardless of how healthy some gameplay habits may be, it’s super impolite to bash someone for playing a lot.


Putting some additional things into context: the game is a grind to do almost anything. It takes 5,050 xp to level one class to 100. That’s 84+ hours of grinding at one battle per minute, doing explores (so also getting gold/souls). So people that are efficient take the blame? I don’t think so.

They nerfed resources entirely too much. They knew this would happen and implemented it anyway. Then nerfed it so players can blame other players instead of the bean counters getting all of the blame. Put the blame where it’s deserved: management making the decisions on what to implement.


Salty was likely also including the standard battles rewards in her calculcation, the gold, traitstone, souls, champion xp and occasional treasure map you always get.

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Do you guys get, the more you brag about how much you got, it gives the developers reasons to nerf something. I did not bash someone for playing a lot. Fake news.

But you did…

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@Andruwjones Fake News . You said for playing a lot. Wrong. Its for bragging about how many battles he did. No way he got 30 sets a verses this event. So he was a elite using two or 3 iron hawks. How many people have that? .01 pct? so the elite ruined it for non elite.

He was contributing statistics, there was no implication of bragging. For all you know he may have bought verses, or grinded a lot of them during the first GAP Vault weekend.


Fleg said that they used 30 gnome storms and not that they farmed 30 gnome storm sets. In fact they had those amount from last event. If you call his 68 battle as elite then what are you calling my 73 batlles? oO
And you shouldnt even talk about stuffs you dont know at all. First at all they know about the mess of gnome storm beforehand since top player warned them before IP2 made a preview. Even in the preview they got warned again. And they didnt listen.
Because of that some of the ancient player and veterans loses hope and stop helping them out which leads to the bad situation we are in atm.
And lastly ironhawk is the fastest but even with rowanne set you can get 4+ per min. So speaking every so called “non elite” can spree gnome storm so fast over that they are also “too fast” by IP2 definition.
So i only can see your post as a “rant” without even knowing anything

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I didn’t say that…check the quotes :grinning:

I’m nowhere near elite and have 2 irons…got lucky with a x2 pull when it released. Elite didn’t ruin anything, Dev’s waited until day 2 to fix their mistake and then blamed players for taking advantage so that non-endgame players would be mad at endgame.

Clearly it’s working :no_good_man:

Its only working because people like those are not looking at both sides but just blaming something because its convenient. Lets hope they do so afterwards and apologize for the mess oO


What i find interesting is that the last battle of GaP gives full rewards. No idea what this indicates tho

I usually get 16-18% of the gnome rewards. The glory gnome would be 500 glory normally.

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it probaly mean the fight finish after GAP have finished so the reduced reward isnt applied anymore

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They are simply cheap. I think the first gnome-a-palooza Thursday resulted in firing some heads in development and brainstorming how to give players less and less

Throttling rewards up to 50 seconds may apparently ve a bug.

Can anyone with fights between 30-50 seconds experiencing reduced rewards comment on the bug report? The devs are asking for examples. I will go through this and the official announcement of GAP changes thread later this week and link to comments with examples.