GG Profanity Filter

Yeah, I figured such was the case. I’m aware of the alter-ego of scat, but, like you said, it isn’t a word that I have ever seen on a chat blacklist.

I have never really had a problem with the GoW profanity filter, but I my words were counterfeited a couple messages prior when I tried to type “poppycock” in the chat log. Now this one, I suppose, is a bit more reasonable, but scat just seems silly. Even when taken for its fecal value, it’s not really that bad of a word; it’s just a synonym for a universal function.

I suppose some people can find them offensive, but are these banned too?

(Blurred for preservation of purity)

  • butt

  • penis

  • vagina

  • breasts

  • anus

  • pussyfoot (though this may be akin to poppycock) / pussycat

  • hell

  • feces

Though they may be offensive to some, there really isn’t a more politically correct way of saying any of them. In fact, the other ways to say them are more so vulgarities than the “PG” counterparts. Finding a euphemism for them would be an attempt to equivocate something already rudimentarily innocent.

Strangely enough, I have typed “damn” in the chat before without restriction. There isn’t even a hiccup when you try to type “goddamn” into the chat… It’s very curious, indeed.

Anyway, I’m rambling and starting to get a bit scatterbrained (ZING!), but I too would like to understand the machines, @Kurokazna; and I’d prefer it before they become sentient. * grabs tinfoil hat *



I’ll add the profanity maps too, since it was enlightening to see what is considered a strong profanity in some areas, is not in others.

Warning, the words may or may not be considered profanity in your region of the United States. Also, map is US centric, sorry the rest of the world, this is only our foul mouths.


Very interesting read. I found it sort of weird that the purveyor of the data is from the UK. Apparently, they are working on addition graph for the UK, but it’s strange that he didn’t choose his homeland first. :sweat:

Thanks for the post. :ok_hand:

I remember back in the old Everquest days people would have a “pull” message for when they were bringing a creature to kill. You’d set it up like “Bringing %t to camp” and %t would be replace by creature name.

Then we started fighting a cockatrice…

“Bringing ****atrice to camp”


Considering profanity (curse words) originated in Christianity as a means to censor and control, I fully reject the entire concept.

Profanity is even protected in countries with free speech/freedom of expression, so even mankind has rejected this archaic thought process.

I just discovered (with a little help from my friends… err, guildmates ;)) that there’s another highly offensive word being censored - tap (I put it in blur just in case :smile:) - it’s replaced with “click”. However if you write it more than twice (well, I only tried 3 times) just the first 2 are changed.

Joking aside: it seems to have something to do with tapping on the phone and clicking on Steam. When I logged from a phone there were “taps” everywhere where they were (and still are) changed into “clicks” on Steam. Just another “a bit too good” functionality somewhere I guess ;). Doesn’t seem to work the other way (I mean clicks on a phone are still clicks).

Dear Devs,

I’m Zoo Keeper and I just got chat banned for swearing. I wasn’t really swearing, I was just playing around. Also I was typing something like “hardcore player”, “bloodsucking”, which is a trait name, and few other words. In that matter I was wondering how long my ban will last? I’d like to apologize for my bad mouthing, though i didn’t meant to. I won’t do it again and I promise to be a good boy. I’d really appreciated any help in this matter.


Zoo Keeper

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HEy Zoo Keeper,

We’ve unbanned you. You should be able to chat again.


Thanks a lot Nim. Love you!

What was in “Hardcore player” that was censor-able? O_o All I can think of is “lay”.

Hardcore as a single word is censored.

Hardcore player comes out as ******** player.

Hardcore pron? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I wrote in gc yesterday that I had not found the fourth ‘horseman’ yet and it got blanked in to h********

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First thought I somehow typed a slur, but no, I just sucked

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Glad to see it’s not just me noticing these strange filtrations. Is this actually something recently implemented? I never really had a problem with it until a couple days ago…

Sigh… Horsemen is too similar to whore semen, I guess…

They should release Blowfish and Suckerfish as event troops one week. That’d get the whole forum banned.



Something will replace like Jarl Firemantle is always just Jarl

We need another Jarl Troop

We’ve already got @AnalSwordfish

How did that one get through. :joy:

It got through because Sirrian likes me: