Gems of War Translator Wanted

Hey Guys,

As you may know we will be adding Simplified Chinese as a supported language in Gems of War. We are currently looking for a player fluent in English + Simplfied Chinese to help us support the game (not for free, of course… we do pay).

PM me if you are interested to help Gems of Wars Translation team.


Are there any plans for adding Brazilian Portuguese?

No immediate plans at the moment.

wow.i want to join :heart_eyes:

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Hey Guys,

Thank you for the support we’ve received. We have found a player to help us out with simplified chinese.


what about other languages for EU area ?

would be cool to have that option to choose other language

My guild are all Chinese and some are good in English so I’ll ask and post if someone are interresed

Hey, we’d like to translate the game to hungarian. It is possible to get the language files and then put our translate in the game?

yeah translate the game into a reasonable challenge first