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Gems of War Jumps the Shark

Hi, I’m chunky mono, and it’s been 28 days since I last logged into Gems of War. Last week was GW, the first GW I haven’t fought since July 2018. Allegedly.

My brother’s GamerTag on Xbox is Salty Tbone. Idk if that constitutes a callout or not, don’t care either. I love my bruh, and my Guild, and most of the community as well. But when he uninstalled, it wouldn’t be long before I did as well.

Anyway, back when I was in a Horde, we had training to identify when somebody was going thru some issues. Jumping the shark, nuking the fridge, whatever you want to call it. I always thought a show truly died when they tried to introduce the new cute kid. “Arnold from Different Strokes/Dee from What’s Happening is getting too old, we need a new cute kid”.

@Saltypatra closed her meme thread before I read it, so of course I couldn’t respond. I just want to say, she’s still my favorite Salty. (Sorry bruh, but he doesn’t read the forums anyway).

I couldn’t tell if she was trying to portray a player deciding which meta to use, or a dev deciding which meta to nuke, but since the Skeleton Key meta was nuked back in December, I would assume the latter.

Anyway, VIkings: Wolves of Midgard is free with Gold on Xbox until April 30. I tried Neverwinter, and even joined a Guild (Neverworking) before uninstalling that. Neverwinter was fun, but with my Internet issues, I didn’t get to play as much. Vikings doesn’t require Internet.

Salty, I hope you are well. I named my Shield Maiden after you (not really, that would be weird).

Thanks for letting me share all,

For the Horde :axe::rage::shield:


The only way banding would be useful is if it were on 4/5 matches. eg, something like:
When matching 4/5 gems, gain 1 Life for each other Ally with a Banding trait.


Because we would rather have an actually useful trait?


Oh I agree. Sorry, I meant because I was under the impression people thought they did something more and I was confused. For example, in this thread we showed that Banding troops you own but aren’t in the team don’t affect anything.

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What’s weird to me is they had a whole section in the patch notes for banding traits, but didn’t even mention the chance for Orbs of Power being added to Chaos Orbs.


When has this happened? I wonder what the odds are of getting one… what worries me more than the OP’s pointers, is the absence of dev’s in this forum…


That seems logical, like how back in the day Courage, Honor, Pride and Justice would quickly build up their stats and ambush an unsuspecting Orc, and VJM teams might create an intense hatred for all things Blue.

Power Orbs have a 1% chance of dropping. https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002174556-Chaos-Orb-Drop-Rates This was changed in a 5.something release not too long ago.

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Orbs of Power joined the pool of possible drops from Major Chaos Orbs the same update that added Shrines. That makes Shrines much more tempting for those who don’t mind gambling their money (NOT me) to try to speed up the process of crafting Zuul, E. Kurandara or any other future Boss troop.

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In other words it wasn’t a favor for us, it was for them to make more money.


Ref. Ratings Plunge:

We’ve recently had yet another indication of the current dynamics within this company, compliments of the harder-to-document-yet-often-used-to-convey-unique-info stream held by a company representative:

Here we get to observe how the representative who is supposed to be the voice of the playerbase claims that ‘she has done her job’ and there’s ‘nothing else she can do’. The defensiveness is rather indicative of the dynamics within a company with a documented history of ignoring the voice of the playerbase (customers who have been around long enough have a rather clear picture of where this company’s main priority lies).
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Managers usually do try to monitor this kind of thing to inform their decisions. Salty has indirectly implied that they do follow some player metrics from the servers, though we have no idea what. I agree that it’s probably not done very systematically, so their information is going to be very ad hoc.

As for the “assumption,” I try to apply the psychology I observe within myself, others, and the stuff I’ve learned to games. In this context, there’s a lot of “common wisdom” about games that doesn’t make a heap of sense. For example, adding a new feature can’t possibly attract new players unless you advertise it to them.

The other example is the “bubble.” Most work-places seem to live in a “bubble” of sorts. It’s a bit like a new echo-chamber. Because everyone’s thinking reinforces existing practices, people start to believe that there is “one way” of doing things, and “one truth” about decisions, features, etc. As a new employee, some choose to fit in blindly, but those who see the problems don’t have the power to do much. That’s why bringing in external consultants can be effective. In any case, the moral of the story is, a company is most effective when it questions its own assumptions and practices. And in the gaming industry, listening to what the most experienced players are saying (and others, at times) is an excellent way of getting an outside viewpoint.

Sadly, this is rarely accepted as a fundamental principle. :frowning:

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While I wrote “Pet Bonuses,” I was technically referring to Team Bonuses. These come from having related troops in your team, and are boosted by Kingdom Level and Pets. I think of them as Pet Bonuses because they don’t have much impact until they are boosted by maxed pets.

Banding is similar to Team Bonuses because it gives you bonuses based on which troops you put in your team. But the bonuses are not boosted by anything, and are really meagre in comparison.


Well acutualy… my proposal for Khaziel faction was quite close to what was implemented for Tinker Town(Adana faction). Let’s say… i can find ~50% of proposed troops/abilities implemented (ofc, none of them is implemented 1:1, their abilities/traits are mixed)
General idea of playing the faction stayed the same (legendary is a summoner, with main damage dealers being the summoned minnions).
Now. I checked the timers and my post was at least 3-4 months before any “spoiler” about Tinker Town troops showed up.

So, yeah, I stand on the side, that some of the ideas do get implemented.


The game did not start with Doomskulls. Adding another gem type is not necessarily cause for alarm.


But hey. When something is on fire. It’s easier to predict it’ll burn down over time than try to help put the fire out. 🤷

(Contrary to what I did back when 4.7 was releasing and I predicted the fire would start.)

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Lol… Yeah, because that happens all the time in daily play and isn’t an extreme case that requires extreme measures to replicate.

I’m not saying it should happen though. The devs need to fix it. But still shouldn’t be an “alarm”.

my point is that they dont always think things through when adding new mechanics

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Oh, to me that goes without saying. Lol

I feel things not being thought out also made GoW popular back in the day. (because it works both ways.)

And it’s also why I don’t overreact when the game is unpopular. The devs do need to make adjustments and take their jobs more seriously. That can’t be debated. But games that make hundreds of millions of dollars in a year and have such little over head as GoW don’t go belly up instantly.

So sorry to piss on the fire.
But if anything it’s a controlled burn at this point.

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