Gems of War is coming to the Switch!

Switch Version Coming Soon


You asked for it! (Often, everywhere and relentlessly, might we add…) So here it is! Gems of War will soon be available on Nintendo Switch!

Gems of War will hit the Switch with a wealth of content for players to unlock and explore as they travel through the world of Krystara and delve its mysterious Underworld. There are quests to embark on, kingdoms to conquer, and armies to build! Each week will bring new troops and events for players to enjoy, with even more events and content coming in the future.

CEO and Creative Lead, Steve Fawkner, has been eager and excited to bring the game to a new set of adventures saying, “Gems of War has been a perfect extension to the hybrid puzzle RPG gameplay that is signature to the Puzzle Quest franchise, and I know fans (old and new) are going to love playing it on the Switch. Everything we’ve seen in the last four years tells us that people love to smash some enemies on the go, and also relax with some epic puzzle sessions at home, making the Nintendo Switch the perfect platform for Gems of War.” The versatility of the Switch provides the perfect way to explore Krystara, whether at home or on the go. Switch (get it?) between the two at will and do your best to rally armies, collect troops and cast powerful spells!

To new adventurers, welcome! To seasoned adventurers, welcome back! We can’t wait to see you forge alliances, delve for treasure, quest with an array of colorful characters and join a guild of like-minded adventurers on the Nintendo Switch! We can’t wait to see you on the Switch soon! Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates!


Is switch it’s own environment, or will it be part of steam / mobile environment?


Can we move our accounts from console (PS4/Xbox) to Switch or will it be cross play compatible?

Sorry @Saltypatra, I forgot you were on West Coast time. :rofl:
(I could’ve waited a bit for you to post.)

If you can’t with PC/mobile.
Then I’m hoping at least Xbox users will be able to.
History tells me PS4 won’t be an option.
In an ideal world… PC, Switch, Mobile, and Xbox would all be cross-play. PS4 wouldn’t be simply because Sony doesn’t want it to be.
This month is the Switch’s second birthday. 2 years ago was my first request to Port GoW to the Switch and make it cross-play. (Since Switch is a mobile platform.)
We’re half way there. :wink:

Hate to be that guy but maybe you can tell Steve Fawkner to release some of the old weapons newer player missed out on. No, I am still not over it but at least now I know who the decision maker is.


@Sirrian, there I did. ^^^^

Now, moving on…

Still waiting for a PS Vita Version :grin:

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That would be an interesting fun fact to get an answer on.
@Saltypatra, what’s the oldest video game system that GoW could run on?

My guess is the Sega Dreamcast. Matches would just take forever to load thanks to 56k dial up internet. (Which is still fast in Australia. :wink:)

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just a silly and really confused though maybe be … but does that meaning " more children" ?

Congrats guys. I know releasing to a new platform takes a lot of work. Hopefully this brings Gems of War to a whole new audience!


I’m predicting it releases tomorrow since Nintendo has a nindies broadcast happening then.

In addition it will launch with 4.3 so I expect 4.3 very soon.


I tried to ask about that 2 months ago.
I guess 60 days wasn’t long enough to respond.
Or maybe questions can only be answered during streams. 🤷

We weren’t allowed to say anything regarding coming to switch, which is why we dodged the question so much. :stuck_out_tongue: Our hands were tied, and I’ve been wanting to announce this for so long!!!

We can’t give the firm release date yet, but Gems of War can be seen on the store today, even though it can’t be downloaded just yet.

Upon the time of release, Switch and PC/Mobile won’t have crossplay. This is due to similar limitations we face with other consoles.

I can say that we don’t have any plans to come to the PSVita.


I know this is completely out of yours and IP2’s hands.
I just simply don’t see the difference between Amazon Kindle and Nintendo Switch. Other than the Switch advertising itself as a console. Even though it’s literally a mobile platform not much different than Android Based Tablets.

Yes, but it isn’t normally the form of the device that has limitations, it’s typically the companies making them and their own developer policies.


Well, I’m 100% sure it’s not IP2…90% sure it’s not Nintendo… So that only leaves the middle man. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Unfortunately, I can’t think of any 505 game that allows for cross play.
Maybe Neverwinter?
If cross play is possible (one day). I hope people are warned prior to starting accounts (paid accounts) all over again on the Switch.
I kinda wish PC/mobile weren’t cross play and instead Switch/Mobile were.
I suppose mobile can be hacked.
But most hackers definitely play on PC.
And trying to hack the Switch (like other consoles) is a fast way to brick their devices.

Congratulations Gems of War. You made it on to Nintendo!!! Jajahahahaawesome :hAppYdAncE:

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So sad, the Vita never had a fair life :sob:


Probably why it never got the “lity”.

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