Gems of War Competition (Win a Custom PS4!)

so if i had to vote for my top ten, it would be

1- @joeadonis wood art
2- @beanie42 RNGesus
3- @Sidousai story
4- @saski daughter drawing
5- @efh313 parody
6- @Jesus_3k Slasher King mythic card
7- @Zelfore GOW card game
8- @mcpuppydawg123 mask
9- @Winter_Market art
10- @Mouseykins cap

again so many good entries it’s war hard to pick only 10


Where do we actually vote anyway?

Gizmo wonders if Gizmo gets a free GumDrop for Gizmo’s entry

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My top 10:

  1. @efh313
  2. @Zelfore
  3. @Vangor
  4. @joeadonis
  5. @beanie42
  6. @Jesus_3k
  7. @saski
  8. @Sidousai
  9. @DrPhoenixJ
  10. @Versheenah (kikimora troop)

That’s great! I was equally wondering and worried about it. WOOT!

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@Saltypatra you going to post all entries together in a thread?

Cause i realise i might missed some entries cause i don’t use twitter or facebook.

Here is my entry, entitled “To Cast a Spell”

Hey everyone, I will put up a thread Monday morning where everyone can vote in a poll. I’ll also include all the entries and the voting period will go for one week.


Total entries so far?

Good luck everyone! Very good entries here.


This is hilarious

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