Gem Chest or VIP Chest?

If you don’t also need Arcane traitstones, then I think Gem chests are your best bet. If you do need Arcanes as well, then go with VIP (VIP chests give 2x Arcanes and 2x Epics but it doesn’t sound like you need any Epics).

I’ve opened a 150 and haven’t had a mythic yet, I’ve opened 1000’s of gem chests and haven’t had one there either! Last ten vip I opened I had 9 lots of arcane (18) and a couple of epics I didn’t need. I stopped using gems because I was sick and tired of all the ultra rares I didn’t need either.


I struggle with this every time I save up the 2250 needed for those 50 VIP chests…
But knowing my relationship with RNGesus… (He hates me.)
I figure I should stack the deck as much in my favor as possible, so for me its always the VIP chests.
Plus the bonus 100k gold feels like a gift to my Guild. :wink:

EDIT: Thanks for the thread! Because of this I checked and have enough gems to open 50 VIP chests! Wish me Luck!


I seem to average somewhere in the realm of 1 mythic every 150 to 200 VIP chests so far. I have no idea if that’s average, lucky or unlucky but hopefully that means you’re due for a Mythic with your next 50 VIPs

What i hate the most is 100$ for 50 vip and you can only get stones… i gave up for guard, i openened tons of chest and he don’t wan’t to show up. I bet when the exlusivity will be over, the first chest i will open i will get another mythic i don’t need and will be really pissed


If only probability worked like that… :frowning:


I still struggle with this too. I open 50 VIP chests at a time, scrimping and saving to get to 2250, and get NOTHING pretty much every time. I don’t need a lot of stones and all my regular troops are fully-traited. I think I’m gonna start opening Gem chests just to throw numbers at it.


im f2p so i have it only on paper, cant test myself but i know vip chests have better chance for mythic then the gem ones, even after recalculating the costs.

i already reached a point where i have almost all the legendary cards (missing imps) and all lower rarities missing just traitstones and natural mythics. at this point i perceive mythics as most valuable and highest goal so i would go directly for the chest that has more chance at it which is vip.

but since i dont have vip lv5 i cannot really tell would i not change my mind if i tried it.

about the actual drop chance you can calculate from this:

I have used a few hundred VIP keys after mythics have been released and did not get 1.

Then used around 200 gem keys, and received my first mythic.

So I’m with you on not buying the VIP and simply throwing numbers of random with the gem keys. I may never buy another VIP key because of it.

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Do you get better odds if you purchase 50 at a time instead of 10? Or do you do that just to save some gems?

I recommend always opening chests in bundles of 50, seems to give best results.

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Good to know. Thanks.

I have never had good results with vip chests. I won’t spend gems on anymore.
I spend my gems on gem keys or event keys.

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I can tell my own experience opening 50 vip chests for first time. I get 13 legendary not bad.

A few days later I open 10 more and I get a mythic.

Since that I open 10 more but not so lucky this time.

Yep, you convinced me. Gem chests from here on out.

10 from glory keys
5 from gem keys
4 from VIP keys.

VIP chest needs a good look at by the devs MO. Could and should be better.


Lol right? I wasn’t meaning to imply it would happen; just that hopefully it would happen. :wink:

The new Mythics are kingdom-based. The only other one I’d like to have is Draakulis and he’s also kingdom-based. I think I’ll start hoarding event keys.

Same here. 50 or none. I have bad enough luck with lots of 50. Lots of 10 are really bad.

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Devs have said that VIP Chests are 100x chance for Mythic. That means each VIP Chest has 10x the chance of a Gem Chest at only 5x the cost (45 gems vs 9 gems when buying in bulk). If the only thing you care about is getting a Mythic, you actually are better off spending your gems on VIP Chests.

From what we gather, the mythic drop rate should be around 1/100 for VIP Chests and 1/1000 for Gem Chests.

If that’s correct, here are some sobering statistics:

For 2250 gems, you can open 50 VIP Chests or 250 Gem Chests.
Chance of getting at least 1 mythic in 50 VIP Chests = 1 - .99^50 = 39.50%
Chance of getting at least 1 mythic in 250 Gem Chests = 1 - .999^250 = 22.13%

For 4500 gems, you can open 100 VIP Chests or 500 Gem Chests.
Chance of getting at least 1 mythic in 100 VIP Chests = 1 - .99^100 = 63.40%
Chance of getting at least 1 mythic in 500 Gem Chests = 1 - .999^500 = 39.36%

For 9000 gems, you can open 200 VIP Chests or 1000 Gem Chests.
Chance of getting at least 1 mythic in 200 VIP Chests = 1 - .99^200 = 86.60%
Chance of getting at least 1 mythic in 1000 Gem Chests = 1 - .999^1000 = 63.23%