Gem Assassins, Rank #7, (30/30)


Gem Assassins is looking for 3 players. Do you love matching gems? Do you love opening chests like scratch off tickets? Do you have an unyielding appreciation of puns? No? Well 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

We are looking for players who can do 500k gold, 200 trophies, and maxing seals. Event participation is a must with greater pressure for events that incentivise individual rewards, but we are cooperative and help each other out.

If interested, contact Kylenator001 here or on xbox.

Gem Assassins, where the best way to kill time, is killing time.


Friendly bump for humor and originality lol, good luck Kyle.


2 spots open for GW.


We have a couple spots open as of the new year.


Spots are available.


We have a player retiring this week so 2 spots are open.


Still have open spots