Gargoyle lords need two dedicated players

Gargoyle Lords is recruiting (2 spots open)

Discord info:>>> Gargoyle Castle 4.0 <<<

Requirements: Grow each week and reset after GW
Week 1 - GW week - 2.5 M
Week 2 - 500 K
Week 3 - 500 K
Week 4 - 750 K
These are regularly revised up to date amounts on discord

Because of this Discord is a requirement.

Req exceptions:
If you are less than LV 1000 then you only need to post half requirements
If kingdoms are not at LV10 then no gold is required until you have hit this milestone.
When you are LV 1000 full requirements should be met regardless of kingdom level

Guild wars is ran on a alternating basis of required and optional participation. Next guild wars being optional.

Post your invite code and current level Lucian is about most times and can get you into the guild. Then ask for selene or helios to set your discord permissions.

We have had a players retire on us hence needing 2 players. We look forward to meeting you meet us on our welcome mat.