GamersInBrotherhood Recruiting - 4 Spots Available


GamersInBrotherhood Rank #28 Guild Wars Bracket #2/3
GamersInBrotherhood2 Rank #131 Guild Wars Bracket #4/5

We currently have a 2 spots open in each guild…
Were seeking strong loyal committed players to join our brotherhood!
If your looking for a friendly dedicated community guild give us a try!

Participation in all Guild Events is required! Raid Boss, Invasion and Guild Wars.
Sentinels: Are optional but at least level 1 on each is recommended.

If interested, reply or message me here.
But for fastest response message me
directly on Xbox RipclaW GiB


GiB2 is now full and 3 spots remain in GiB1…


Only 2 spots now remain…


1 Spot left for a strong player, preferable level 1000+


Someone is leaving on Sunday after Guild Wars, so we will have 2 spots open in main guild.


-=GiB=- is seeking dedicated players looking for a home.
Preferable higher levels but if you can meet the requirements your still welcome to join us.


We still do just fine in Guild Wars being short players so having a full roster would be that much more sweeter!
Really would be great to find 4 players today, before Guild Wars starts!!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Currently we now only have 1 spot in sister guild and 2 still to fill in main guild.
If your looking for a fun, friendly, social guild, were everyone supports each other.
Then -=GiB=- is looking for you! :star_struck:


UPDATE: only 1 spot now available in GiB2


Sent you a message.


-=GiB=- has 2 spots open in each guild, see requirements above…
If interested reply here or hit me up on Xbox for faster response.