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Game Quality Improvement: Abilities that affect gems on the board should be shaking or be highlighted prior to casting

Understandable when Devs are forgetting mobile is a thing (as shown by lack of testing on said platforms, and from the size of downloads the expect the player base so cope with).

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I am playing on a PC/Steam. As for the rest of the platforms, I do not know how they are handled.

In any case, I am sure that there is some viable solution that can be implemented or be improved upon, perhaps some additional option to check in the game options.

I posted this as a solution to OP’s suggestion, not the way it currently is. :wink:

And to clarify on the mobile side of the solution - if you tap gem just as you do right now, nothing will change in the behavior the game reacts currently. But if you hold your thumb on a gem it’ll provide an outline to the gems affected. When you release your thumb it takes effect just like tapping the gem.

And yes, an in-game option to turn the feature off would be as helpful as the puzzle-hint we already have.

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Not good enough, you won’t see half of the board since your finger is on the screen.
I think the hold and release is much slower than a double tap, and still would there be the problem that you can’t change the center.
IMO the only solution for mobile or any touch screen if these kind of spells would offer a select phase and would cast only on second tap or after any other kind of confirmation.


1/2 the people are against hold to show
1/2 the people are against tap to show


Middle of the road then…

Single tap: Instantly casts, like it does now.
Longpress: Show preview and activate slow-cast. Single tap moves gem selection. Double tap gem to cast. Or tap button below the board to cast, I don’t care.

dont get me wrong, whether it’s tap or hold, unless there’s an option to switch it off i’m against it…

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You found the worst solution!
Need a long press to activate the select and a double tap to cast.
No long presses please, it is clumsy on all UIs.