Game crashing when hit by "Tiny Fireball"

Every time I go into Dragons Claw to fight and the Baby Dragon hits me with his “Tiny Fireball” My game instantly bluescreens and crashes…this is really annoying…is there a fix to this?

@Nimhain @Sirrian

this makes the Dragons Claw Missions totally unplayable

It’s a known issue.

I reported it in the known issues thread. Put the game on normal and breeze through without letting the AI cast the problem spell. Not ideal, especially if you always complete the quests on warlord 4 but you could always wait.

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Which version was this taken from, PS4, Xbox One or both version equally have this bug?

this is in the ps4/xbox cathegory so i assume there

definatelly not pc, we dont have summon bugged

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It has unfortunately also been stated that this is a client side bug that will require us to wait for the next update to fix. Only work around is to kill the baby dragon before it casts.


The poor thing. It never had a fightin’ chance.

It was just hiding there inside your console, minding its own business, when Wham! Death and destruction and smashed eggs.
How could you be so cruel?!??


If that affects the Xbox One version too, then thanks for the tip!

Fixed in next update better be quick I would like to play this game but this issue makes it un playable can not beat the quest. Please fix this issue asap. I love this game but with the crashing it’s now unplayable and I will have to take my money elsewhere if it’s not resolved in a timely fashion. I really love this game but not being able to play a quest which is main game content not cool. Please hurry and fix please!

I played on normal difficulty and just whizzed through it without letting the ai cast, there’s not too many baby dragons in the quest line anyway. Crack on, it’s a solution of sorts!

Valkyrie/Rowanne/Siren/Siren works a treat (or some variant of it) if you are wanting to finish quests or Explore quickly. Rowanne being the most important troop :wink:

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Just finished all the challenges on warlord 4 with celestial armour, got over 9k souls. Only had to restart the ps4 three times due to not retreating quickly enough as baby dragon filled up to cast. Some interesting troops there.

Tried to finish the quest again after the update yesterday, it was not fixed. I’m on PS4. Still crashing.

The Baby Dragon Fix didn’t make it into the Hot Fix that went out.

That’s odd given that this has been a problem for like two months.

We were required to keep changes in the Hot Fix small, so we could get it out.

Unfortunately that meant that some of the fixes we have ready, had to be held off until the next update.

Oh okay, thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:

So it is now 2/7/2017 and the Baby Dragon fireball STILL crashes the PS4. Any idea when it will be in the next “Small Hot Fix” ?

Hey @darkcomputerguru,

Unfortunately, there won’t be another “Small Hot Fix” coming up (with our current plans at least), but this fix will be included in our next major update (2.2).