Forcing controller style menus on PC players is a giant step backward

This thread started out great, but runs the risk of being ignored by the devs as it moves from highlighting a legitimate problem into conspiracy theories and unsubstantiated accusations of malicious intent. The devs made a mistake with the UI, so let’s try to criticize constructively and persuade them to invest the resources to fix it.


I agree (especially about how great my post was :wink: ) I know the devs are busy right now. I also don’t know much about how their development/testing process is set up. I think the player base would appreciate knowing if they intend to keep the troop chooser like this (because console requires it, and they want completely identical code bases) or if this is just a temporary situation in the rush to roll out the new client. The longer they’re silent, the more people worry it’s the former not the latter.


But you can imagine using it anywhere else?

There are well over 100 traits in the game and you’re scrolling them one by one. It is faster to just scroll the troops screen itself looking for what you want.

I can imagine using it on my PS4 because I have, and had no choice if I wanted to search for a particular trait. Introducing a trait filter of any kind was an upgrade for us, but I mostly use my brain as my trait filter due to how long it takes to scroll through the options to necromancy. Repeatedly tapping a tiny arrow on a phone screen would be too much, though. Now that we have text search, that might be a slightly better option, and would be clearly superior on PC and probably mobile.

I’m not sure what it’s even for, since you can type the name of a trait in the keywords box and it functions just fine. (Unless you were trying to browse for interesting traits, but this is a terrible UI for browsing.)

THIS. Devs, please? :slight_smile:

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Yeah, it’s bad. There are a few edge cases where you are searching for a trait that uses words that appear in spells, but…

Like I said before, the UI looks like it was designed to meet a checklist of features, but then never tested by users who gave feedback.

I think it honestly might just be a matter of the UI evolving gradually without a ground-up rethink. As I mentioned, we went from this style of filter, but only having colour, kingdom and troop-type to choose between. Then they added trait and spell effect in the 3.0 update, which felt like an upgrade for us, though one you only wanted to take advantage of when you really needed something specific. Now they’ve added keyword, which for console players is a further upgrade, but the whole thing is less effective for everyone else, since even the keyword functionality is reduced.

If the goal was to have a good troop search function that would work on all platforms, this probably wouldn’t be where they ended up if they started from scratch, but I can see how they got here from the old console UI.

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Hopefully. I also would like a change here, as so many of us.

I was really disappointed when I couldn’t click under “keyword” to search. Being able to search right from the troops screen was really convenient,and having to go into a completely different screen to search just plain sucks. It was a poor decision and I’m hoping that a PC-friendly interface is in the works for PC players.


As a game developer I have sat in on meetings where the bean counter asks the developers to not be so nice to long-term players since most players spend the most money in the first six months of playing most games. So I wouldn’t put it past them to have had the very same conversation and maybe even prioritize their upgrades and roadmap around that.

So yes, they probably aren’t purposely griefing old timers but it does seem like they are prioritizing getting features that work best for new players.


i would use trait filter if i wanted to use a keyword + trait
(something like for example search of two traits or a trait + spell effect)

i know i wanted to do that in past, however i dont remmember in what case

This may be my ocd but the new filter menu… Ugggg… Why are they all in alphabetical order EXCEPT order…really?!

Oh snap, 56 likes… @Sirrian??

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58 now… oops…

I gave a like too, despite I play on PS4. New interface needs polishing, as now the buttons are messed up - they’re not intuitive. Instead of “X” we have to press squares and triangles. It’s disrupting the flow of the game :wink:

tbh i havent touched my new team slots (ive got 7) or made any new team just for fun since the 3.0.5

not even a single one

i even keep forgetting to check did i actuaslly received the new starter weapon - coz i dont have fun in searching and reading cards in the troop list anymore

sure i made small team changes for survival in gw purposes but that was all.

the search/filters interface makes me feel so restricted / trapped that i just dont wanna build any team or search any troop if i dont have to ! its horrible

i know the interface has more usability then it gives a feeling off, but that feeling is really no fun. any game aspect shouldnt repell players this strongly!

please change it coz i dont wanna feel as if i wore handcuffs every time i have to make a team change

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please change it coz i dont wanna feel as if i wore handcuffs every time i have to make a team change

Literally the only part of the new “search” screen that I’ll use regularly is the keyword spot at the top. I’ve been trying to give this change a fair shake, but it’s so incredibly inconvenient that any positive aspects are getting massively overshadowed by the negatives.

Also, when receiving mail, please bring back the “continue/claim” button from the bottom of the window, or just let us click through the receipts one at a time without putting up a summary screen. Having to click the little X in the upper right corner for EVERYTHING now also falls under the “wow, that’s inconvenient” list for me.

Same for opening chests. Leave the X in the upper-right, but please bring back the “continue” button that was at the bottom of the window. It felt significantly more fluid to click there vs the X, at least for me.

One final piece of feedback unrelated to menus :slight_smile: The full-page splash ad when starting the game on PC is distracting. While I realize this is intentional to an extent, I’ve already spent enough in the game to almost hit VIP 6. Maybe make it so the ad stops popping up once someone makes a purchase? Or, make it a toggle in the settings, so those who want to see the specials every day can.

I’m not trying to come across as ultra-negative, I promise. I love the increased battle speed, I like the color indicator on the Guild Wars “Attack” screen so I don’t have to flip back to the schedule to see what color day it is, and I like the quicker Tribute collection. Oh, and I love being able to select multiple levels when leveling up a troop! Convenience is good! The stuff I’m not liking is stuff that, to me, makes gameplay less convenient, or forces me to slow down. Slowing me down does not yield warm fuzzies.


I haven’t been so disappointed by any game changes since…well, since ever. New interface “upgrades” are literally some kind of punishment for PC players - nothing more to add…


Added to report 3.05 UI Issues