[Fixed] Missing Gobmother's Wand Weapon

no wand 1

At LEAST one other member of my guild family is also missing the wand.


@KINGOLLIE and @gary_dils, I (and others) have clearly fulfilled the requirements and should have the weapon by today.
You are correct that code states it’s release day for next weeks Monday, but that’s not the problem here.
Not that the weapon makes any crucial impact on the game, however I would like to get what I (technically) payed for.


i want the weapon or a partial refund @Jeto

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Oh not another scam? I purchased the £10 pass that includes the weapon once i hit that reward tier…

So now they have broken consumer law!

This is not simply a scam. I checked the game’s API, and indeed the weapon is being put into your inventory - you own it. Only the game client itself will not display the weapon before the release date is due.

Cheers, Gary.


All of the past campaign pass items became redeemable and USABLE once you hit that tier??


You may be correct, but here’s a screenshot of an alt account on pc/mobile (both my OP and this one show All Weapons) and the weapon just does not yet exist in the game.

The other way around, just about none of them did. This is an issue exclusive to the Elite+ Pass, it’s supposed to make paygated troops/weapons available earlier, and it fails every time. The release dates are calculated based on the stars you get from the Elite Pass, not on the extra stars you get from the Elite+ Pass, so buying the latter one is mostly a way to waste money on disappointment. The community has been trying to get that communicated to Infinity Plus Two for over a year now, but apparently they are happy to just take the money and keep on ignoring the issue.

TL;DR: Those who buy the Elite+ Pass will get the paygated content at the same time as those who just buy the Elite Pass.


What he means is you own the weapon and it is in your inventory but that it is just invisible to you because the data attached to it is not there yet kinda like an empty box that will later be filled. Gary is the one who does the coding for the bots we all use in our discords if you can trust anyones understanding of the game code it is his.


That is not correct, every troop, weapon or pet is (has been) delivered the day of reaching the required amount of campaign stars so far.

The data is all there, it’s just currently marked as not yet released, so the inventory hides it until someone flips the switch.

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Quite the contrary, you just have to search through the bug reports a bit. To provide some examples:

There seem to have been improvements in regards to the campaign mythic, as much as I know weapons never worked out so far.

Edit: Scratch that, Faerie Gobmother is set to release Mar 07, 2022, unless this gets corrected it will also run into the very same issue again.

Another edit: It’s week 6 of campaign 8, not week 8 of campaign 6, meaning Faerie Gobmother is going to release early enough for Elite+ Pass owners to benefit. It’s just the campaign weapons now that need to get scheduled a week earlier.

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I guess we rather wait until someone in charge replies here instead of trying to argue about it.

Dear gosh not again, how does this keep happening…


Not correct @Fourdottwoone this is just an oversight as we always get the weapon and Mythic early. They have just stuffed up the release date on this weapon which is not the first time.

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Hey everyone!

This issue has been reported to the Development Team and they are currently working on a fix that will go out in the next 24 hours.

Once the fix has gone out Godmother’s Wand will appear in your inventory for those who have earned it from the Campaign Rewards.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:


This has been fixed. Please force close and re-open your game to see the Weapon.
I’ve renamed the thread so that others can find it more easily.


Appreciate the quick fix! :smile:

thank you for the ultra fast fix :slight_smile:

thank you fo the fix