[Fixed in next update v6.1.5] Deathknight armor still overpriced?

No need to replace all of your pre-defined text brackets, the screenshot says it all:

Also while we’re at it, what’s the reason behind selling the Savage Armor for 5€ less than the Deathknight Armor since it clearly only gives half the combined bonus?

Hey, sorry about this, it will be updated to the new bundle in the next update game version 6.1.5

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when is 6.1.5 due to release?

to avoid having to tell an actual date ^^ lets say “in the future”.

You will never get an answer to this question from the Dev team because things happen sometimes and the date changes. They don’t tell us to protect themselves from backlash.

I kinda don’t mind this because it avoids disappointment… but then I’m disappointed anyways when patches are released and all that is added is monetization, but that’s another conversation :slight_smile:

Anyways, for some reason I’ve been keeping track of all the patch dates. For 2019 and 2020, they released an x.y.5 patch about two weeks into January. If they already know this is fixed in that patch, I suspect we’re that close to seeing it.