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[FIXED IN NEXT UPDATE v5.7] (← Nuh uh) Explore keeps freezing my game

Platform, device version and operating system:
Samsung S21+, Android 11.0
Screenshot or image:

Happened 3 times on Saturday or Sunday where even changing difficulties would freeze the screen. Medal rewards are new. Have to shut down the game by closing the app.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Just started happening the past 3-7 days. NEVER saw anything like this when playing for years prior.

Steps to make it happen again
It’s random and is probably a biproduct of explore being overloaded with splash screens.

My sister started having explore freezes/crashes today, that had never happened before, so it’s good the fix is on the way as it seems to be spreading…

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I think this bug was assumed to be tied to the ancient explore bug. I tried to explain in the OP that it was a different newer soft crashing bug. But didn’t want to argue with the devs when they said this would be fixed in the last update.

Sure enough…I was right.
The game just froze on me when trying to change the difficulty in Pridelands explore and then soft crashed.

I’ll clear the cache and probably won’t see the bug again for a while, but then a programmer smarter than me will tell me the cache shouldn’t have anything to do with it but then they can’t tell me why Gems of War consistently crashes on all devices.

Gems of War… My favorite time loop genre game.

@OminousGMan I don’t know how often you check reports after you think they are done. So tagging you to let you know this bug is still active.

Please tell me that you just had a dream and then woke up.
I can’t believe, that this is still not fixed, i want to do my explores without freeze.

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Lol, I play Gems of War on my Chromebook daily besides my phone. So I’m basically a soft crash expert at this point.

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Still not fixed.

(Game froze when I tried to change difficulty)
Still not back on the known issues list.

I guess I’ll have to do a new bug report because they’ve stopped checking this one. 🤷


please do so :heart:

as it was not fixed in 5.7, is it fixed now?

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Looking through this information it does sound different to the original Explore bug. I have replied in your other thread here: UI Freezes Soft Crashes Game - #3 by awryan

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective: