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[FIXED IN 5.5] Lycanthropy is buggy

Platform, device version and operating system:
Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Was doing explore 12 when my hero got hit by lycanthropy and as a result game and computer froze.
Wasn’t able to do anything, not even take a screenshot.
To get things running again I had to do a system reboot.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Was the first time something like that happened to me
Steps to make it happen again
Play game and get hit by lycanthropy?

Known Issue.
But as I was retrieving this.

@Saltypatra are y’all 100% sure it’s tied to Dearthmark?

And wth is this work around supposed to mean? Lol


I don’t know about the Death Mark relation but I did actually complete a PVP battle last week where the enemy cast lycanthropy on one of my troops, which caused a lock up.

Thankfully, one of my spells was available and it was the only action I could take. Game worked fine after that.


Deathmark isn’t necessary to lock the game. Sigh. Apparently the community hasn’t reported this enough? /sarcasm Here my game is locked due to Lycanthropy and no Death Mark.


Yeah right … cast a spell … :rofl: :rofl:
Question: What if there is no spell available?
Also: My system TOTALLY froze up, and I mean T O T A L L Y!!!

Looks a lot like what happened to me, only it wasn’t just the game that froze but complete system.

Now I wonder what is going to happen next week if this happens during guild war.
Player looses a fight because of buggy status effect?
Maybe a very nasty idea of mine but I think I’m going to use as much as possible troops who are using Lycanthropy in my defense :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

This was an issue last GW.

Since Essence of Evil has been patched, it will be more difficult now to make a team that casts Lycanthropy. If you do, it would be unsportsmanlike. Last time people and guilds were being reported in unofficial channels, just FYI.

Hm, you’re not wrong. You actually have a good case for why they should update before the next GW. Of course, they would need to update next Monday before battles start, so… we’ll see!

You should try to read between the lines @Snooj, seems like canadademon got my drift :merman:

We have fixes for Lycanthropy that are going out with the 5.5 Update, so please sit tight. Unfortunately they require a major update to release, so we can’t push them quickly.

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I got this bug triggered today in GuildWar :frowning: I thought it was fixed and that it only happened if the same troop was afflicted with both lycantr… and deathmark?

I used Magnus who casts debuff on the enemy troop on 4 gems matched.
He casted lycantrophy on a troop, and later I placed deathmark on another troop.
The game then half-froze. I could click around on troops, chat and settings, but I could not cast spells or move gems. See the picture showing Thrall with full mana but the cast-button not active…
I had to close the game and start it again (using PC)
It then showed I had lost one GW match!
Will this be compensated? I mean it afflicts my guild in a negative way (Kings of Gems)
Could you remove this loss or give me another shot at winning at today’s purple GW-day?

If Lycanthropy triggers on a hero, it will freeze the game. Can’t tell from the screenshot but I’m guessing the enemy troop that has Lycanthropy is the enemy hero.

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Unfortunately this isn’t fixed until 5.5 which isn’t out yet. :frowning:

yeah, you are right. It’s the enemy hero.

yes, so I read after I had the issue unfortunately :frowning:
I’m just hoping they will give me another fight today in GW or give my guild a compensation as we could loose today because of this :frowning:

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the Devs have stated before that they cannot alter the results of any Guild Wars match, even if a known bug resulted in a loss. :worried:


Thanks for the info, even though it’s not good.
I will be careful the rest of guild war and not use debuf-troops!
I might try to get standard battle compensation.