(Fixed) Essence of evil transform upgrade works 100%

Seriously nobody reported this yet? Wow… anywho ya… 100% transforms first enemy into a giant toad not 10%


If you think about it, the difference between 10% and 100% is 0! :wink:


True enough lol… hopefully they fix before next guild war xD

We’ve put a fix out this for this. Let me know if there are issues with it.


It’s transforming 0% now, shift it over 10x

Lol for real? Im not at home so i can’t test it

The game data looks really weird. It’s given a 47% chance to happen. The “transform chance” is set to 10%, but as far as I know the particular spell type here doesn’t actually pay attention to the percent chance.

So my read is it is either:

  • 47% chance to transform if I’m right about that spell type
  • 47% chance to 10% transform if I’m wrong

47% chance of a 10% chance is not 10%. It’s more like 5%.

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Reviewing it more, I missed one thing I’m sorry to say. While I was getting transforms in my tests, I believe the chance may be sitting at around 5% currently instead of 10%. I’m going to push out a change to correct it shortly. It’s available now.


I’ve yet to see it transform in its current state.

I’d glady trade that Hexed for Leaf: Create a Leafstorm at this rate.

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Wait, you’ve found the success rates in the game files? What does it say about the Vorpal upgrade? :astonished:

Well it’s not worked at all for me today. You’ve spoiled my fun :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face: