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Expected levels for Delves

Hey all, I’m a fairly new player that has been playing hard since last October and have a questions about the developer’s expectations on what level is required to finish a delve at level 500 with total faction and no losses? I ask because I have been trying to beat Amanithrax for the better part of a few weeks now because I got to level 500 before realizing that I could have earned points in the early stages by going full faction and lost out on that. (Yeah, my bad there).

At Delve level 500, the challenges seem to be:

  • At least one stage gives gems that are not even close to the one that you need
  • Skulls appear to be more frequent and there is no staying power with a Gobtruffle team at horde level 180, player level 1068 (ish)
  • Almost all enemies can one shot one of your cards when they get full mana
  • The board in general appears to favour the enemy almost every time resulting in carefull taking out skulls from play and prventing you from getting your own gems to get something going only to be one shotted or a skull rain cloud comes don and decimates me.

So my question is as a new player (level 1068 and all main screen factions being power level 4+), what level is expected by the devs to complete these at max level now that I’m essentually screwed myself over by being so high and not being able to go back and get some pure faction points for the boosts? Do I have to wait until a faction event comes up for them to buy rounds to get points? If this is the case, do I start at level 500 or will I start at level 20?

I expect that these levels are expected end game content and watching others beat these levels with far less stats seems like I’m missing something or it USED to be so much easier. If it was easier, I’m not sure what the expectation is today.

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I have done the Amanithrax pure faction delve myself not long ago.

Horde Lvl 100 and player level about 1100 (I don’t know to be honest).

My team was 4 Gobtruffles with a Nysha medal, a Cedric medal and a Anu medal (And many, many tries). I also haven’t done many pure faction runs in-between, you just need a lucky run where the stars align and RNG is on your side.

The devs changed the layout making it significantly harder to max this particular faction now as opposed to its release and a few weeks thereafter. So, understand that if you don’t bling a faction when it is released, subsequent attempts may become much harder. This faction has been done at L 100 but that was before the changes. I’ve been trying it constantly at 100 and not getting anywhere near under the new format. Devs making it worse is priority number 1 for all delves. So save gems and hit new releases. Then forget about it and do another one.

I thought this was only the case for Primal Rift? I did amanithrax on the 26th February 2020, that’s where I got the achievement for Delve on the highest level complete and Pet lvl 20. If it was changed in between then and today I’m terribly sorry, wasn’t aware of that.

The layout was changed for Primal Rift, not Amanithrax

There’s really two parts to the answer here. The devs say they acknowledge that beating level 500 delves with pure faction teams is something that desperately needs further support, outside of spending a very large number of gems during events. However, they have been saying this for two years, with at best taking baby steps towards this goal and apparently having no further plans. For all practical purposes, spending several throusand gems on each delve is the only officially intended way to win.

So basically, what I’m hearing is that I either:

a) Need to spend a large amount of gems
b) Get extremely lucky with RND

I’m all for hard work to acheieve things, but it sounds like I’m at the mercy of hte pocketbook or getting really lucky which is why I left the game I played before this one. Sounds like fun.

There are some that are doable without gems. All the ones I’ve done have been without gems (but I’m in a guild with bonus stats, and my kingdoms have much more Power than yours, probably):

The Wild Court
Mirrored Halls
Primal Rift

In my opinion, these are the easiest

Primal is possible only if you can get at their P1 rapid.

I don’t know what this means :man_shrugging:

It does take luck, and even more if your stats are low.

The first bit of luck is getting a Treant up front. I tried it a bunch if times without this to no avail, but then I had a run where I got it right away and was able to reliably replace it somehow.

The second bit of luck is having Redthorn not kill your key troop(s)—Alderfather, mostly.

The rest is all strategic waiting. Entangle as much as possible, disallow his purple as much as possible, negate the splash damage as much as possible by allowing gaps to exist sometimes.

Incidentally, Mirrored Halls is also strategic waiting. People complain that they have to kill dozens of copycats—which is true—but what they don’t tell you is you can infinitely summon and stall out for the win. It might take an hour or three, but victory is assured there if you just have a bit of luck and a lot of patience

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It’s very simple. The golem will build massive impregnable health if you don’t get on its case sharpish. Having treant p1 only helps if you get the chance to cast.

Ah. “Position 1,” I take it? That makes more sense.

Killing the golem early is helpful, but not necessary if the opponent’s dryad doesn’t buff its attack (keep it entangled) or (crucially—all luck here) its magic.

But my Treant was having to kill a golem that could heal for 3 skull hits’ worth of damage at one point. Not fun, but again not impossible :man_shrugging:

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Hit me. I am talking about pure faction non event at horde 100. Getting to the final room is no big deal but the golem in 4…makes it super hard to reduce enemy numbers before redthorn kills everything.

I would highly advise for new-mid level players to concentrate on just getting 2100 points from each delve and only taking each delve hoard to lv100.

For the delves you forgot to do all faction run at lv100 you can do this on the Tuesday events with a Tier 2 purchase.


So am I :man_shrugging:

I don’t really have the gems to ever have completed any faction during an event, and I likewise lack the gold to boost hoards (you play on Xbox, so you can pull up my profile in PVP [or global if I’m not in your pool] to see this is true—my average hoard is like 115 or something, since I leveled Wild Court until I beat it, which brings up the average).

And as I cautioned the OP—guild/kingdom stats make a BIG difference, as does the ability to equip medals. If I didn’t have such a good guild, or the veteran status that means my kingdoms are (mostly) power-leveled, I wouldn’t be able to win, either, I’m sure

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As @Fleg suggests, a Tier II purchase the next time Amanithrax comes around will help you get the pet to Level 10 if you complete Pure Faction 100.

Pure Faction 200 isn’t worth doing in my opinion, as you would need to complete 300 to have enough pets to get to Level 15.

Have you checked out: Pure Faction Breakdowns - A Level 500 Faction Guide

I haven’t, but the presentation was done way better than my half-assed: Delve Faction Team Strategies

So I’d recommend the first link first, mine second. Both have links to the super duper mega mega thread. gl hf


Its all help i can provide =\


My Avg horde is 103 and my renown 41k. It would be higher if I wasn’t so excruciatingly bored by such events very very quickly. I don’t have that switch off capacity where I can endure such tedium at the expense of outdoor enjoyment. Oh and my VIP level is 1…that will never increase. And xbox rewards paid for that…wallet closed always for this game.

I’ve done the following delves with no potions at level 500 pure faction:

All-Seeing Eye (Hoard level 195) +50% from Kingdom
Primal Rift (Hoard level 147) +50% from Kingdom
Hall of Guardians (Hoard level 199) +50% from Kingdom

I have Amanithrax, Dark Pits, Frostfire Keep, Sea of Sorrow, Stonesong Eyrie, Sunken Fleet, Werewoods, Wild Court, and Deep Hive all at 500 too but I believe I used potions for all of those.

I am level 1464. Medals obviously help a lot too. For All-Seeing Eye I used one of every troop with Xerodar in the back and Ocularen in front because he’s going to die anyway. Ocularen in second place and Watch Mother in third. Then you just basically play really carefully and hope to god you get yellow and skull mixes for Xerodar. You keep Ocularen Leech in second place so you can steal enemy attack without having it stolen by their Ocularen Leech.

For Primal Rift I used again one of every troop. I believe I ran with Dark Dryad in front because he’s immune to entangle, then Green Golem, then Redthorn, then Alderfather. Eventually you’ll want to summon a Treant to gain the attack/armor so you can kill the enemy, since nothing else will for the heavy stuff. Use your Redthorn to kill the enemy Alderfather ASAP – steal its armor with Dark Dryad.

For Hall of Guardians I used one of every troop, with Silent Sentinel in front, then Ethereal Sentry, then Arcane Golem, then Gargoyle. You can try to boost Silent Sentinel’s attack with Ethereal Sentry, then stun everything with Arcane Golem to let you get some massive skull damage in. Then hit them with Gargoyle when you can (make sure they are stunned so their 50% spell reduction isn’t active).