Enemy "Missed" & Request Error

  1. Enemy Missed - In my desperation to get the 400 glory chest, I was hitting PVP and in one fight I encountered a bug involving my death that SHOULD’VE happened, but didn’t.
    I have one card left, it has 4 HP, 0 armor. The enemy has 1 card left, 19 armor, 24 HP, full mana, and their attack is 8 boosted by own armor. Enemy uses ability, but the attack hit a blank spot above my card… I was expecting the game to crash cause I SHOULD be dead.
    Then one turn, then enemy use 3 skulls and THEN I die.
    Never seen this before, that HAS to be a bug.

  2. This. No idea… It showed up a few minutes after new event started & got all my rewards in, then immediately went to turn in Glory Keys, then this happened:

There was no way to close it, so I was stuck and had no choice to force close the game via Task Manager in Windows.

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