Edit guild announcement: More characters (only 40 right now)

Please increase the number of characters in guild announcement.
Can’t do much with 40. Can barely fit guild requirements there.
100 or even 200 characters would be more useful.

Also if somehow possible, move announcement editing closer to the chat. Another button somewhere for example.

EDIT: Clarified title.


Totally agreed. 40 characters is much too short.

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A 100 would be very reasonable.

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Wait, what? I’m pretty sure I’ve written larger guild announcements. Did the limit get reduced or is this an issue with platforms other than PC?

This happens on PC since the update. I am still able to write longer announcements on Android.


Well, this just claimed first position on my WTF list for this year, and I suspect it will be hard to beat. Our current guild announcement is larger than 40 characters, and it still displays, so this definitely isn’t a technical limitation. I thought the troll event was last week only?


true, but the lolololol event goes on all year :wink:

I believe 40 characters is the max for console too for a long while or since the beginning.

I see lots of small updates being done, like the guild sort direction is now descending instead of ascending. Changing the limit from 40 should be just one variable. This is a needed change. Devs, please do it :slight_smile:

They did change it! Well on mobile, that is. Until today I could still change the guild announcement on my mobile, using more characters.

Then, earlier today I saw my mobile received a little patch, and voila, no more long sentences on mobile either.

I am so happy to see the devs are using their time on fixing important bugs in this new “update”, instead of applying quick-patches to remove abilities we want. [/sarc]


Maybe they are still in trollololol mode :slight_smile:

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@Saltypatra are we really meant to have all guild rules and reqs. fit in just 40 letters?

game become more complex, adding new modes like gw, soon crafting, the reqs and rules grow but you reduce the number? why?

give us another empty chat page/tab just for guild announcement if thats the case


Added to the list Unity Changes (3.05 P.C / 3.1 rest of the systems) Changes that need to be rethought


I would actually like an option for the guild announcement to be visible on the main guild page. For the people in the back who forget to check chat or are disconnected from the chat server.

And, yes, it definitely should be longer than 40 characters!!


Seriously, how hard is it to change this?
40 - > 200

It’s been weeks and it’s still annoying. Have to manually write guild announcements every day so they don’t get lost in the chat.

i have to admit ive been setting guild announcement on mobile and that has been the only way we are able to fit our weekly strategy in there

please, increase the limit from 40 cause that simply wont do.

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