Economy Breakdown

After some discussion recently on these forums about what’s worth paying for in the game I got curious about how much things are actually worth. So I’ve put together a spreadsheet that breaks down the main in-game shop items into real world currency values.
It’s still a work in progress, as I’m still missing some info on the traitstone packs that cycle around. (Thanks to @Cell for his contributions on that matter so far!) Also hoping to try and find a way to value armour and/or glory. But these will take a bit more experimenting with formulas etc.

You can change the VIP level at the top (The white cell), however I think at the moment it’s a case of anyone can change it and it will change for everyone who’s looking at it, so it might be better to make a copy of the spreadsheet (File → Make a Copy) if you want to play around and examine all the different levels’ values. I ended up doing this in USD as that seems to be what my Steam version of the game displays in, and the JPY on my phone is inconsistent ( eg on Steam both the Deathknight Pack and the current Mist of Scales Pack are $49.99, but on my phone the DK pack is 5,678 yen, and the Mist of Scales one is 6,133 yen. It might be a case of it sets the price at the exchange rate of the day the item gets added to the store)

I’ll add the prices for the daily gems/souls/gold later tonight when mine run out and I can see the prices again.

Let me know if you have any issues or suggestions for more things to add.

EDIT: o.o apparently these forums support google docs linking… interesting!

Economy Breakdown Spreadsheet


Daily gems are 15x15 days for $5.
Daily gold is 8,000x15 for $20.
Daily souls is 150x15 for $5.
Daily maps can be purchased also, 3x15 days for $5.

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A couple of thoughts:
One way to back into the value of Glory is the 40 Souls = 25 Glory option in the Shop. Obviously it doesn’t take into account the relative ease of accumulating the different resources, but it’s still a good baseline for someone that wanted to pay their way through the entire game.

For the DK Armor it’s clearly >500 Gems in value. Up for debate if it’s 750 or 1k gems, but you could use the lesser value to at least establish a ballpark value for the pack.

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Ah yeah I forgot about the glory → Souls transfer. Will probably use that as a base then.

I see what you’re saying for the DK Armour. Might go for the lower value since the pack is already valued higher than it’s price and I haven’t got the glory keys involved yet.

@Grundulum Cheers for those! Will add them shortly.

Ok I’ve updated the spreadsheet with the information from @Studs and @Grundulum

A couple of notes:
With the valuation of Glory I’ve added all the glory packs!
I’ve valued an UR card at 10 Glory Keys, and an Epic at 10 Gem Keys. I know this probably aren’t the best representation, but it felt like a good starting point at least.
I’ve also rearranged things a bit. Traitstone packs are first, then the non-themed packs (DK Armour and Spoils of War), followed by the Themed packs.
I don’t remember how the “bundles” work, whether it’s always a UR and Epic from the week’s kingdom, or if it varies from week to week, but I’ve put these in tentatively assuming the former.

I might look at putting a VIP point breakdown in as some point soon as well, though would be interested in what the points needed for each level would be. All I know so far is:
Level 1: 50
Level 2: 100
Level 3: 200

So if any one is able to help expand on that it would be appreciated :wink:

EDIT: Unsurprisingly VIP Point values are pretty static, at $0.20 per 1 VIP point.

EDITEDIT: Ok found a couple other guides going over VIP levels. However the only cost I’ve found seems off.

@Zelfore These numbers seem out of date now, is this the case? or am I missing something major?

EDIT3: Nevermind… I got thrown off by the first level where you said VIP 1 = 1pt = $1. I should probably sleep…

That DK bundle value…

I actually thought it was more like, “everything but the armor = $50”, which meant the armor was essentially free. Based on your work it seems like it’s negative dollars!