Dwarf race for Hero avatar

Hi everyone, we got new Hero avatars for consoles which is a good thing, but i noticed that someone in my guild had a Dwarf. So i’ve been pretty jealous of that.
A PC player told me he had to buy it.
The guy of my Guild seems to simply have this choice in his menu, so I wonder how it can possibly be.

If anybody could answer me it’d be awesome.

if you buy it then its available in yout hero custimisation menu like all other races

Buy it where ? I’m okay for buying it but it seems to be nowhere

will have to wait for a console player then, to know (but its like that on the pc/mobile)

ill look for devs comments about this, i think i saw somewhere bug reports about some stuff being withdrawn from shop due to apple etc issues

i hope u will find answer somewhere there:

The guy from my guild told me he had it for free. Nevermind I can wait for this pack to be operationnal.

This was an unfortunate issue that popped up with new users when creating an Avatar, their default race was set to Dwarf. This is fixed now and anyone it happened to will have their race reset to one of the starting ones. Anyone who’s purchased the races will be unaffected :slight_smile:


I’ve still been jealous :stuck_out_tongue: