DRAGONS QUEST is looking for members (rank 19, bracket 1 gw)


We are rank 19 and rising.

We are in bracket 1 of guild wars.

Requirements are 400K gold, 200 trophies, getting your seals, and guild war participation.

We are looking for high level players ( 700+ ) that enjoy a challenge but don’t throw the controller when you get “served”. It’s just a game, but a fun one when playing it with good people.

With that said, what I hope you consider when choosing your guild for gems is the people you are playing with, are they loyal? or are they greedy? are they skilled and willing to train? or are they selfish? do they communicate to try to help you improve? or do they talk about your gw performance behind your back?

All guilds start out great when you first get in them because they are eager to find someone since recruiting is difficult in the top guilds. Highly Competitive.

But once you get in there, you may find it is unbalanced and full of the “clicks” the “favorites” the ones “exempt from requirements” because they kiss b.u.t.t.

Some members do well beyond the requirements, while other’s coast. UNFAIR! Avoid those guilds.

Finding the right guild in gems of war is about what the collective “vibe” is and not what the guild-master says it is. You won’t find that out just seeing a sea of recruiting posts in global chat ( when the chat is actually working these days ) Unfortunately, you won’t know until you try it on like a new pair of shoes how the fit is.

Here at DRAGONS QUEST, we have assembled a nice friendly group of players that enjoy gems as a fun past-time and not a second job.

We all have families and careers and enjoy other hobbies but put in the requirements and play as a team because we enjoy each other’s company. We fit like a comfy pair of your favorite sneakers.

I hope you message me in game and let me know you are interested in finding a new “home” in gems. We would welcome you.

With the changes coming to the game-play, it won’t be bragging rights to top three finish in guild wars to have people focus on in making “guild choice” anymore.

It will be about the people. Real people, that are really nice to be around, like ME!

Hope to hear from you. Enjoy gems, it is a game for enjoyment after-all.


I failed to mention in that novella that here at DQ we have sprinkles!

Just making sure you had a general idea of the anxiety-free level we offer that is uncharacteristic in a top guild’s gameplay.

Sure, we like to compete and try our best in guild wars, pvp, arena, and even competing against each other with who can get the most vaults in treasure map events, but…

We value one another. Here you would be appreciated for your best efforts, not criticized if that falls short on occasion as we all have had those guild war runs where the AI gets all the mana and we sit there take a beating like an 1800s carpet.

Message me in game @icheewawa if you looking for a guild that offers more that just gw gems and extra copies of peryton, aurai, penguin, etc etc.


We are currently back to full force at Dragons Quest, thank you for your interest and it was nice making new friends.

You can always hit me up in game and add me as a friend for if in the future we have a vacancy at DQ.

Or feel free to join my club “The Gems of War Global Chat minus the Attitudes”

(it’s the pinned post to my profile activity feed if you are having difficulty finding it)

NOTE: My club is not affiliated with Dragons Quest, we have our own separate guild club page.

In my club, you will be given a headsup on the waiting list for DQ

You will also gain important tips on GoW team builds and play strategies, as well as other trivia and fun talk. Hope to see you there soon. Happy Gemming!


Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Dragons Quest. I hope you find the right fit in your guild search. If you’re still looking and in need of a new gems’ home for facing the update’s new game raids and invasions, shoot me a message in game and I’ll hook you up.

Remember dogs can’t have chocolate, it can be deadly. So keep your Valentine’s Day candy up out of reach of your four legged family members.


It is possible we will have an opening at reset, we have a full time student who needs to revert focus back to his studies and not “waste” it on video games

As it should be. Education is the key to success!

But for those of us with excess leisure time, look for me in game and we will discuss getting you into our family.

Dragons Quest is a great group of people that have the skills to excel in the game and the positive winning attitude to help those around them improve their game play.

I promise we won’t kick you if you score 49,999 in guild wars =^.^=

It happens to all of us, those times when that random generator is not so random as in it gives the AI every color it needs to loop you right off the board.

We are very excited for the game changes and hope you join us in figuring them out.


We gonna have 2 spots on Monday, since the Guild of Thieves just ran off a player that was at a lower level than most mates and couldn’t handle getting his nose ground into the cement in bracket one gw after being beaten to a pulp by the best of the best.

We probably never going to get first place in guild wars, it’s not our “goal”.

At Dragons Quest, we enjoy each other’s company and friendship in and out of game. We are excited about the new game modes and already talking team build options even though we have no spoilers on what will be needed, we just like talking to each other, even if it is about hockey or the olympics or bread baking recipes or netflix shows to binge watch etc etc etc

If you are looking for a friendly guild that pulls together to be able to be competitive by recognizing that communication is key and finds ways to get around the non-working chat of GoW to keep communicating, then message me in game.


Awesome guild!


yes it is, because of the PEOPLE! not war results. great guildmates! come be one of them!

btw, when you are messaging me in game with interest, make sure you include game level, I will do my best to help you find a good fit, if it seems bracket one will eat you alive until you level up some more, I can help place you in another guild for the time being and when you do outgrow them, come be DRAGON!


Don’t let the “700+ on level” for DQ make you shy away from approaching me for help in finding a fit with the right guild.

I have helped several lower levels find the right place to call home while they level up. I can help you too.

Message me in game, and we will do our best to work together to try to make your gaming experience in Gems of War rewarding, challenging, fun, friendly, and a positive one once placed in the right guild for your goals and for the requirements of a guild.


super-fantastical that the chat issues have been resolved in gems at reset this morning, so the global chat is full of people and guilds seeking members.

if you need help trying to chose between them, hit me up in game.