Do the numbers before a battle actually mean ANYTHING?

I assume they’re somehow rating something about the teams. But what? Combined shoe sizes? Souls used up so far?
The number of hot dogs eaten on the day the team was last modified?

Now I know I’m not a good player, but it’s quite frustrating getting set up against teams where a single enemy has enough raw power (skull damage) to insta-kill 2 of my team with 2 regular attacks.
Or an ability that is able to smash half my team with in single instance.

Quite often I see enemies whose combined armor/health (single enemy!) is more than any two of my team combined.

TL,DR: Matchmaking is ridiculous, “ranking” numbers (or what they are) are bloody useless.

It’s especially annoying in Guild Wars - I get pitted against an opponent that smashes through my team in four moves, so all I can do is ignore it or just throw away the five tries because there’s nothing I can do.

[edit]It’s probably obvious, I’m currently rather p****d off. I know, just a game and whatnot. Knowing that doesn’t help…

The numbers do mean something, but only a guide. In the end game it’s a little more telling, but in the early game it’s very misleading (or can be). As you said, they can have one single troop that’s way over what you can handle and have three other low ones to “trick” you into a fight. You really need to look at the team itself and see what’s traited or whatever.

As for GW… this is probably because your guild is in a bracket you personally shouldn’t be in. Obviously higher brackets have higher competition. It’s tough as a new player because you want the better rewards, and guilds need better players that can compete. You would be better served finding a guild with similar level players. Your rewards would drop a bit, but you would find that you’re frustrated much less. But I guess if you have a guild that doesn’t mind you not being able to contribute then that’s ok too.

I’m just glad I’m not a new player right now. The cost of entry has went way up.

i wonder could event stat bonuses and all other stat bonuses be calculated into team scores? :thinking:

Team Power takes into account a large number of factors. The main part is the four troops used in battle, what level they are, what rarity, and how many traits they have. Points are also added for each kingdom you have at level 10 (since they add +1 to a stat to all your troops). The final addition is a point number based on your hero’s level, masteries and also what guild you are in (and what the guild’s statues are at, plus any active statue bonuses to stats).

Guild Wars doesn’t take into account the Team Power of an individual player when selecting them as your opponent. All the Guild matchups are decided on Monday and a random player from the guild at the rank you’re fighting will be selected as your opponent, regardless of their guild war defense team.

As far as I’m aware all stat bonuses are currently calculated into Team Power except for event boosts. Could they be included into the calculation? Probably, but I doubt it’s high on the devs’ priority list at the moment. Might be worth posting in the feature rethink thread here or under the general QoL thread here

Players using one-troop defenses will show the one-troop team score, but use a full team of four since the game now overrides their decision. These players are almost exclusively end-game players trying to avoid an irritating defense meta, so their other teams will be full of upgraded troops.

I keep finding 1 troop teams. Not sure how that is possible but I still keep finding at least two a week.

So the numbers DO mean something.

I still find it hard to believe that they work, though.

I’m alone in my “guild” - so any ranking should be done according to my stats.

It’s almost funny, though, this week I have had an opponent (likely also a 1-person guild) that is vastly inferior to me.
The next day, it seems I’m the designated punching bag…

What makes it worse, IMO, is that the “You lose” screens (loss of points, loss of ranking, etc…) seem to take forever. Almost as if the game wants to rub it in…
(I’ve set animation speed to default, I like it in the game, but I could live without those screens that don’t really tell much anyway.)