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**divine ishbaala no longer cleansing?

Can someone explain why this character lost her ability to cleanse? I’ve paid hundreds of dollars to get characters and those characters should keep their abilities! Even when you search under cleansing she’s still there but no longer performs as she did before the update. Can this be an error?

Nope. She was nerfed :slight_smile:

Not an error, working as intended. She is available for (souls and traitstone) refund still I believe.

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To add to this, while it is intended as already mentioned, many players seem unhappy with that particular way of nerfing her even if they agreed a nerf of some kind was in order.

I’ve paid hundreds to play the lottery, why have I not won the jackpot yet!? I’m entitled to!

Sounds ridiculous right? So does your statement.

Take a look at the Hound of Doom thread. It’s right there. DI was nerfed.

I strongly disagree. If someone has paid real money to get a certain troop they have a legitimate complaint if the troop is later nerfed. That’s completely different from your lottery comparison. It’s the same as buying a new car and having some things from the car removed by the seller after a period of time.


I mean you can’t compare it to that, I mean this is a game that requires troops to be reletively balanced and as time goes on and more troops are added, some troops are going to become too strong to a point it harms the game and other players who have to face them. You buying a car isn’t going to affect anyone else (providing you stick to the rules and drive normally) so parts taken off your car would be uncalled for.
Also anyone who plays a game like this and doesn’t ecpect troops to get nerfed/buffed past their release and doesn’t think it’s fair if they spend money to get them then they shouldn’t be spending money on them in the first place since since it’s common.


Evidently it doesn’t. This game has been about 10% of troops towering over the remaining 90% in terms of power and usefulness for a long time now. If rebalancing even happens every now and then it is only to make sure that the 10% troop pool doesn’t get even significantly smaller.

As for the analogies they both are obviously not fitting, analogies rarely ever are.


I understand the game requires some balance with troops. I get that. But that just means they should make better troops not attack the ones you put together. It’s a bit of a sacrifice unlocking all abilities and finding the right fit


Nah I get what you mean in that sense that there is only about that many troops used often due to their power. However I do believe that a lot of the troops less used are actually really good and viable if you synergise them with the rest of your team as I have come to learn from all the teams I see suggested in my Guild. What I am trying to say is that when you have one combination of troops that dominates the meta, it gets stale and takes away from the overall experience. Look at the changes we have seen in the past that’s shaken the game up, I mean the Bone Dragon, Kraken, Nyx.
All I am trying to say is that this is a common thing comparable to games like Heroes of the Storm or League of Legends.The only problem here is that with such an incredibly large roster that this game has, it’s harder to balance but I’d rather this that letting one set of troops dominate the game for such a long time.
Granted I do believe that it doesn’t help when they release a troop just to make the Kingdom larger such as that Scarab that has a one time cast of increaseing it’s health and that’s it.
That’s just how I see things anyway, just wanted to try explain why I think it’s necessary.

While it sucks to have your teams watered down by a nerf, constant power creep is not a way to fix balance. Ishbaala was simply overstatted. Losing the cleanse is far better than anything else they could have done to her.


You paid… hundereds of… … oh… oh no.



If the Devs are going to sell a single specific legendary troop for $50 then they should definitely refund anyone that made that purchase after that troop gets nerfed. Sure they have to balance troops, but if that’s how they want to monetise the game then they have to accept the impact of re-balancing troops that they charged for.


Otherwise explicitly state that at any time. They can change the troops abilities and not offer restitution in the form of actual money. On every troop they offer to be purchased.
I remember an outcry to nerf Ubastet. Not Ishbaala. I hope they eventually learn that ruining the fun for many players is not a wise business strategy.

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No, the problem with 4 Divine team is always they refill too fast and do too much damage output.
Nerfing Ubastet only solves half the problem. Nerfing either Divine Protector or Ishbaala is required to solve the other half. Dev apparently chose to nerf Ishbaala.
If I was dev, I would make Divine Protector synergize with Whitehelm instead of Divine. I hate this weapon.