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Disabling Kingdom Pass "Buy Level with Gems" Button

That would be quite the deal!

Instead of multiplying by 7 we’d multiply by the whole 35 days, right? So you thought you were buying

70 Vault Keys
70 Minor Orbs of Chaos
140 Orpheus Tokens (15 medals! 270 * 15 = 4,050 gem value for this alone!!)
and 280 Gem Keys

Man — I’d be spending the gems on that, too!

Devs really need to work on making their language and UI a lot clearer so people don’t misunderstand and/or get cheated.

I do think you have sufficient grounds for a refund. I hope the devs can at least get you the “days” back if it’s impossible to refund the cash, because at the very bare minimum you should get what you paid for, even if it’s far leas than you thought you were buying initially.


@Nimhain please fix this soon. Thanks

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This bug is getting 10 days old, without any update / new information / compensation for the customers. Seriously?


I think the main purpose of spending gems on this is for players that might want to rush through it or more so for casual players that don’t want to or cannot grind out 10 battlecrashers a day but still want the rewards. I am glad they worked quick to fix this issue there are still a long line of bugs that need fixing though. Maybe they should be spending a bit more of the income they make on more staff to make sure these bugs are caught BEFORE release of stuff and fixed or having the time to do the coding so these issues just don’t even occur.
As it sits it is hard to recommend the game to friends and even harder to suggest they should pay any money for it which is sad because there is a lot to enjoy in the game if you can accept the constant bugs. I know there is pressure to earn more each quarter and they want to run as tight a ship as possible to increase profits but every player lost or not gained is lost profits as well so maybe it is time to admit that the bugs not happening is a priority and trust that a stable not constantly broken game will draw more paying players in. Fast fixes are great not having to always fix things that are broken is much better.

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What they will likely do is make it so you can spend 100 gems a set amount of times per day probably 2. At the end of the day they want more of your money not your gems.

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And what would that accomplish? Isn’t it better to be able to spend as much as you want? Might need more gems then. Might buy them with real money…

Nope this is the reason they came up with passes. Folks that have been playing game Since the beginning have huge gem stashes and are no way going to be buying gems. They had to come up with a way to extract more money from folks that have already given them quite a bit. But that isn’t even enough so they want to charge you another $10 per 10 levels which saves you 5 days of grinding lol. When I saw that I said to myself you have got to be kidding me. They do not want your gems because they know you have an unlimited supply. I’m sure some have 100k or 200k gems so they can use them without fear of running out.

Not everyone has been playing forever though. I was thinking about the players as a whole, many of whom don’t have funds.

But I get what you meant now - totally forgot about the “booster” thing as this is so ridiculously priced that the memory of it went straight out the window. $10? Nah, forget about it. Literally done that. :sweat_smile: