DEVS you NEED to respond!

@Jeto just responded to someone else. But not you. Do you have a new bug to report? Other than a new bug, I don’t think they will respond. :grimacing:


This post/thread is more about the lack of communication. I know they need time to FIX bugs etc, i am sure most players understand that. The issue i and many others have is, the fact that NO ONE responds to posts, questions or anything. We spend money and are getting ignored!

All it would take is some kind of response to keep players confident that they care or even listen.


I’ve left a one star review on iOS App Store - the developers might not care about the forums here, but negative reviews on App Store is harder to hide from.

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Good point. Doing the same right now. I’ll maybe change it when we get a reply @Developer

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Tbh I’m surprised that the devs haven’t shut down this forum like the good people at “cough” Bioware “cough”



We are posting as we have new information or resolutions to issues, currently we put out 4-5 bug fixes today and some compensation, which we’ve just communicated on the forum and in our Known Issues articles on our Help Center.

When we have more news about other issues we will post it.


No gold star for you or the developers-days late on communicating in a game- where lots of players pay to play.

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One of the reasons I do not spend money on this game anymore.
Bad reviews and people not spending money are the only things that MIGHT get their attention


Also delays are worth to report - last weekend was new a faction, the artifact bonus would have been nice for that hardest event in the game.
Your last info days before was that the bug will maybe be fixed last week or this week. I dont think you worked saturday or sunday for that bug - so why not at least an info on friday before your weekend?
(the 3 stars then would even been better, but ok)


You can lose a moment every few days in commenting that the solution to the problems has not yet been found, or that it has not yet been fixed but they are working on it, or that more important things have come up that require all the attention. More than anything, so that players do not feel abandoned, ignored, or even ripped off. The reason will be understood or not, but at least we will know that you are still there.
I think we need more feedback from you, I think we deserve it.


This has been highlighted to the mods for years now, with zero improvement, especially when it matters most.

If they ever were to hire a single dedicated mod with the required softskills, they would earn who knows how much through the fact that less wallets would close up due to communication shortcomings.

However, because those able to make such a decision do not frequent the forums to know what’s going on, status quo prevails.
(See Sirrian’s recent appearance to give his seal of approval on Weavergate, while also demonstrating that he had no idea the Soulforge recipe was already up: Proof of life please - #9 by Sirrian )
:relaxed: :vulcan_salute:


… Right. How many people are actually working on this?

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OK, so you have popped in here and posted something, so the thread worked, kind of.

I fear though that your little “stock” replies are not enough to quash the anger of your paying customers.

You NEED a dedicated forum responder (with game knowledge) to keep players updated.



That is when I stopped spending on Gow. And things are much worse now than they were then.


Forum admins:

Please close this thread now, as we have had a response from the Devs.

Thank you.


We need communication regarding various issues please. Cursed Gnomes lack of drop rate being one of them!


And why does a Cursed Gnome drop anything other than Cursed Runes? I’ve had more than one drop a Vault Key and last night one dropped souls. Battle for hundreds of battles to find a cursed Gnome and then this happens. Give us a break.


They’ll respond.

With an ooops, we tested.

That will be followed by players mindlessly thanking them for their awesome work responding!!!

Meanwhile the devs will be laughing because they got a bunch of players to junkie out and pay that ransom of 6000 gems.

They will continue to do it because people don’t learn any goddamn lessons.


SILENCE… still!

I believe you overestimate their willingness to do anything remotely resembling a community manager job.