Defense changes while setting it - The new "anti-Elspeth" solution might be wrong

And I do not mean from the game-play point of view. It’s fine. I have no problem with that.

But I have a huge problem with that solution constantly changing my defense teams for different ones when I’m trying to set them. Because during the changing process - the teams are swapping troops so they appear to have less than 4 troops for a second. Which is natural - you are swapping them.
But while I’m swapping the teams and testing defenses - the game playfully massacres my settings and decides to literally annihilate my chances of victory by picking whichever team it finds most fun.

Yesterday, I had my defense team reverted to Soul Farming one 5 times without me touching the Defense Window. And what’s worse, it changed my guild wars defenses likewise. And THAT is where my problem starts becoming worthy of a ticket or Forum thread.

Please, consider finding a solution to this. I’m not really in the mood of triple checking my defenses after just setting them just to find out my Guild Wars defense has been set to Valkyre 3x Warlock or to the weak 1-color variations because of it.

Thank you for reading.


You don’t need to create a new thread to address an issue that already has its own thread.

It seems like this is becoming increasingly popular. The new “create a new thread to address stuff already being discussed elsewhere” solution is wrong.


@Delinquent would you mind sending me the link, since you probably already have one?
No “similar threads” have been shown to me during the creation of this one. Highly appreciated.

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Seriously? I’m talking about the original thread, which is 372 posts long…

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@Delinquent already shared the link. But as for the “similar threads” when creating a topic, it really isn’t smart enough to understand context most of the time, it seems to be mainly checking keywords. In general, taking a quick look at the active topics in the forum before creating a new topic is the best approach. Most of the time (but not always), you won’t be the first person to think of or notice something, so a thread probably exists that you can contribute to. As an example, I feel like a fairly active poster around here, but I’ve never created a topic.

There’s all kinds of cross thread confusion going on here. From what I can decipher, the OP’s question has NOTHING at all to do with the Elspeth fix and he’s laying blame in the wrong place. He’s asking why his defense team keeps changing, apparently at random.

This is a bug that’s over a year old and was supposed to have been fixed multiple times.


But…but…you want that badge, don’t you? Make something over in off-topic!

On topic, yes, this random changing bug can be quite the annoyance, but it is also on our list of current bugs here on the forum.

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I haven’t seen any thread mentioning the bug I wrote about. Some other threads mention the score not showing correctly but none the problem I mentioned.

@Delinquent , your link has absolutely nothing to do with the bug I wrote about. If you expect me to go through every single thread just to see whether there has been an off-topic discussion about a bug that I might want to point out… Then I’m afraid I don’t always have time for that. I’m sorry, but I don’t.

What I wanted to point out is exactly what @htismaqe suggests, and that’s the problem that has been here ever since I remember. However, I thought that it has been made more severe with the new Elspeth Fix issue. Which might or might not be the case, I may as likely be wrong about this.
As I said, it started happening more frequently only after the “fix” (4 more times for PvP today, none for GW). It might have been something different that caused it but that - I have no idea what else could. If you guys have any further information, I’d be more than glad to hear it out.

Thank you for your responses, so far.


There’s a badge! Gotta go…


It happened to me a lot to a point I started to not care because I got tired of this happening all the time.

im moving this to Support Pc/mobile

let me know if you are console

It’s possible the Elspeth fix made it worse.

It’s also entirely plausible you didn’t see another thread. There’s dozens of them but I doubt any are particularly recent. Like I said, the bug has been present for well over a year.

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@Annaerith I am.

I didn’t want to move it towards PC/Mobile support because … I have no idea what directly causes it.
… After yesterday’s check, the team stayed set for the whole day - while I was at work, not logged in.

I believe it might be caused by the process of troop changing. If you throw all troops out in order to set a new team - the game already decides to replace your defense for another team. And might it be possible that it doesn’t care about changing it back once you set the team?
That would be my hypothesis that I’ll try to check. I’ll ask my guildies for help and share the findings :ok_hand:

It’s something we have recorded in our 3.0 Known Issues thread. We are currently investigating this bug further. :slight_smile:

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Hey, Salty, in the Known Issues thread you list the issue as “Team changes not saving correctly”. I just noticed that my defense team was changed to a team I have never ever put together, and which obviously doesn’t appear anywhere else in my team list. This despite my having set a four-troop defense at the start of the week and having never touched that team since. This seems like a different bug than what you’ve included in the Known Issues list.

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i also think this is new and different bug

I haven’t found anything new… I can only say that it doesn’t happen if I haven’t touched the window with the defend team.

I’ll try to guess what else happens if someone starts a battle while I’m in the middle of altering the team’s properties. And some other stuff if anything comes to my mind.

New update:

The team changed with the reset of the weak towards the team I used for brainstorm testing (for Ketras the Bull). However, I haven’t touched, nor interacted with the PvP defense team tab for several days (ever since I wrote about it here).

The possibilities from here are that teams are changed on a periodical basis, or the “1 troop fix” is being considered for all teams, not only the one used for defense. Which means that after opening a team tab, and interacting with it in a way that one or more troops are temporarily removed - the game probably considers this as a violation of the “4 troop regulation”, regardless of this being the Defend team or not. And decides to take action from there - setting a team of its choice.

I’ll try to investigate further.

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A new finding:

After interacting with a completely forgotten team tab (not touched for months), and removing all troops from it - then changing the team for a different one, then checking the PvP Defend panel => The PvP defense team has not been changed.

After switching the panel to Ranked battle, and playing 2 more games with the new team => PvP Defend team has been changed for the exact same one I played

GW teams stayed untouched => They get randomly changed (probably for the team set as PvP Defense).

That’s as far as I got.

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