Deathknight Pack+Typhoon of Keys: worth it?

What would I get for buying this. Is it worth $300? I know it’s $150, it’s for me and my dad.

List of things I get: $150
750 VIP Points
Deathknight Armor(100% Gold, Souls, XP)
200 Gems
15 VIP Keys
40 Event Keys
80 Gem Keys
150 Glory Keys
280 Gold Keys

Specifically, What do VIP Points do? How much does 750 VIP Points level me up?

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750 VIP points will get you to VIP 5 according to I need help constructing a VIP Rewards guide - #21 by Sirrian

What does VIP 5 get you? Mainly access to VIP Chests, but see - How to become a VIP - 3.0 for the rest.

Personally, I’m VIP 2 and content.

Edit: After posting I saw this is for console. I don’t know if there are differences because of that.

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Both packs are absolutely worth it… if you have the money. The Deathknight Armor is incredibly valuable long-term, and it’s basically free given all the other stuff in the pack. It’s the best buy in the game. The Typhoon of Keys pack is also a great deal; it’s a much better deal than the $100 Gems bundle. If you’re looking to spend on console, those are probably the two best options.

For VIP levels, the two key cut-offs are VIP 3 and VIP 5. At 2 you get Free Scouting, and I don’t know how people live without it. VIP 5 gets you the VIP Chest, as mentioned. I would only add that the VIP Chest is super valuable. It’s a way better deal than the normal Gem Chest, so it helps a ton long-term as well.

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death knight is certainly worth it.

Ermm…free scouting is at VIP 3, not VIP 2. I should know, I’ve been waiting for the right purchase to upgrade from 2 to 3


@Isis_Kitty, right you are!

I should also add: Technically, the Typhoon of Keys isn’t the next-best deal after Deathknight Armor. The Daily Gems bundle is definitely next best. If you want to spend your money the most prudently, take that $100 and put it into 20 of the Daily Gems bundle. If you have the patience, sit on the Gems until you’ve spent enough to get the VIP Chest unlocked, then use all your Gems on the VIP Chest. Unfortunately, this means you have to buy the Daily Gems 16x before you get to VIP 5, so you’d have to wait 8 months. Not very gratifying.

After the Daily Gems, the next best deal is definitely the first Starter Pack. However, it’s not really that great if you’re past the early game since it has a lot of stuff is easier to come by once you get a decent team up and running. (A lot of the value comes from the Weapons, Gold, & Souls.)

After the first Starter Pack, the Typhoon of Keys is a great value.


I was going to type up a similar opinion. Go with Death Knight Armor, AND if you can wait a little, keep buying the $5 Daily Gems pack every 2 weeks.

Go for it. If I started all over again, I’d go for that combo myself. Totally set for life. lol

Ummm, 16 x 15 days is 8 months.

I would not do it
Huge waste of Money to get both of those, because honestly everything is overpriced in this game. You’re better off buying a few cheaper bundle purchases to unlock the VIP level for free automatic scouting for convenience reasons.

The death knight bundle is the only bundle that is a good price point for what you’re getting. That armor you can’t get elsewhere and it is the best. You’ll earn more than enough gems and gem keys over time with an active guild. But that armor you won’t grow out of and still gives you some gems and such to spend.

Keep in mind that I find gems very over valued in this game. You can get enough just by playing the game over time. My best personal value comes from purchases like the armor that isn’t instantly gone with a click of the button and isn’t a gamble. I hate to gamble.

Ultimately it’s up to you.

This game is great and the developers are great so if you have money to spend go for it. But since you asked if it’s worth it to spend that much on those particular bundles… I say no. (Well yes to death knight)

Personally I’ll never spend money on a gamble pack. I spend money on armor or weapon packs. I haven’t purchased the death knight pack because it’s at too high of a price point for me to feel comfortable with since it’s way too far into the gamble for me. Like that armor isn’t worth $50 to me and that’s all I’d be buying it for since I already have all the legendaries and most things at least ascended to legendary status and so my value for those currencies is drastically cut down since I will never get a mythic out of them because I am not one of the lucky chosen ones :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d rather buy a new game with content you buy and unlock forever than put it into a game that gives me a barely better armor and a roll of the dice to get the mythics. Maybe that’s just me though…

so anyways, for a pack with such an inflated price due to gems and such I am not interested in it personally. But it’s a great starter pack to get you into the game since the value is there. Just not for me.

Your choice.
I am sincerely annoyed by the free to play market so if you are into it take my opinion with a grain of salt.

I like to support games but I don’t like to spend money for things whose value doesn’t match up with other things. I would rather spend money on an mmo monthly than buy a gamble bundle.

Wow was my math off! I don’t even understand how I was so off. I swear I’m not bad at math!

I don’t really take issue with anything you said. Totally understand why some people wouldn’t want to put a bunch of money into the game. That said, I do take issue with this. I’ve gotten more hours out of Gems than any $60 game in a long time. That entertainment is worth something.


True, I’ve played almost everyday for the two years it’s been available for the ps4

Yes that’s the thing with free to play games

They drag out a lot of hours because they are Grindy and meant to get you hooked forever and put out money.

When you spend $60 up front you get so much content that you can go through at your own pace. Then it’s done. Perhaps there’s expansions or packs… but you get all of that content up front and there’s a lot of it and the fee is all at once (or with expansions… you know what I mean). One and done. You get many many hours out of that game and then you can move on to the next full of content game.

This game does not have as much content as a $60 game. It is repetitive. It is the same thing literally over and over again. Add new troops every week but it’s still the same thing. Same battle but different teams over and over.

Yes you put in a lot of hours. But that doesn’t mean there is a lot of content. It’s still a great game to play don’t get me wrong. It just does not compare to a full fledged $60 game in terms of content. And it’s GOAL is to keep you playing forever to get the most money out of you. So if it’s succeeding in doing that it’s doing what the market is supposed to do.

other games do not have that goal. They give you a story and they give you the combat and environments and they set you loose at your own pace. Not meant to last forever. A great game worth so much will typically give you 20+ hours of fun filled and feeling packed story and experience. This game isn’t meant to give you the feels and so basically they serve different purposes and are hard to compare… that’s really what I’m getting at.

Hours - yes.
Content - no

That’s just my opinion on the matter. And also that’s what I meant when I said content, to clarify.

And the value you get from those games with that time is still better placed than spending that same amount on a bunch of gamble chances. I’d much rather pay for something permanent.

I have to disagree.

Have you played a paid Puzzle Quest game? It’s exactly the same as this, but less content and fewer hours. Yes, it has a clear start and finish, and the curve isn’t as steep, but they are shallower games than this. The original game had 4 classes, 9 companions, 130 spells, and 150 battles. There’s no comparison.

Still, I understand why you don’t like the gacha system. But did you buy the DK armor? Or the new skins? Those aren’t random…

@Studs @Mekkalyn

You two are using different metrics to judge a games value (Gems) Studs said “entertainment” or enjoyment. Mekkalyn I started to count how many times you used the word “content” but stopped because I ran out of fingers. :wink:

Using different metrics (enjoyment or content) you’ll never come to an understanding or agree.

I disagree on both grounds. Gems provides more entertainment and content than either of the original $40 Puzzle Quest games.

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Besides, call of duty and the like are all the same, it’s the same thing with different graphics. Not just in one game but across many games over many years and you’re only ever really doing the exact same thing. Just shooting pretend people on the TV screen, much like all we ever do is match coloured gems!
I’d argue that GOW has far more depth than the call of duty example I used. OK, maybe that wasn’t the ideal example but I hope you get my point.


I explained this already. It’s too much of a gamble bundle. The armor itself is not worth the price tag.
And I won’t buy skins because again gems are inflating the price. And also the hero isn’t really that viable. Most of my teams do not use the hero so I won’t be spending money on tjat

Also I have played puzzle quest games. They are better than this game because of the very reason you said. You spend money and you unlock the game and it’s not geared towards making customers spend money to get the best things in it. All of the best stuff is fully achievable in game with just spending the base price. And you most likely will get everything you’re looking for.

This games biggest fault is its market.

And there is great replay ability by doing the different classes in that game.

All around a way better value. Less hours, better value for your money.

But I’m not responding here again. I’ve said all I need to say. ultimately this is a thread talking about whether or not we think he should spend the money specified. I say no. Moving on now :slight_smile:

Have a good day! Agree to disagreee

I’m quite happy with the DK armor. As for me, I can’t spend cash on keys. They are too easy to get via playing TH or guild tasks. I do buy the gem pack and have bought the $20 seals.