Death Mark, new hotness, or basic?

Roughly 1 in 15241 chance heh. That is on par with flipping a coin 14 times and getting heads each time.


The adjustment to deathmark was actually a suggestion in a thread I started (thanks for listening @Sirrian) as I felt that a troop having 2 turns where it can naturally cleanse before even having a chance to die was underwhelming and I have indeed seen deathmark (as well as poison, burn, and frozen) clense on the 1st turn (in the case of burn and poison do damage was delt and no life was lost respectively)

My suggestion in the thread that if an immediate effect could be taken by deathmark that perhaps there should be a cumulative 5% chance to die (as a cumulative 10% chance to heal would make the chance of death always be 1/2 the chance to heal)

My other suggestion was to keep the 10% thing even but not allow a troop to naturally heal for the same 2 turns so that it wouldn’t clense before it even gets a chance to do its thing

You can find my original post below

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I am happy your suggestion made it into the game.

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Thanks (10 characters)

So many people do not realize their requests are heard and implimented so thanks to your suggestion deathmark got a buff that was definitely needed is here.

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For those curious, if a troop gets deathmarked, and the debuff is not cleansed, after 10 turns the troop has a 23.23% chance to die. The troop’s chances to die are as follows:

 Turn | Mortality per turn (if still deathmarked) | Cumulative mortality
 ---- | ----------------------------------------- | --------------------
 1    |  9%                                       |   9.00%
 2    |  8%                                       |  15.48%
 3    |  7%                                       |  19.56%
 4    |  6%                                       |  21.77%
 5    |  5%                                       |  22.76%
 6    |  4%                                       |  23.12%
 7    |  3%                                       |  23.21%
 8    |  2%                                       |  23.23%
 9    |  1%                                       |  23.23%
10    |  0%                                       |  23.23%

The formula to determine total mortality after 10 turns is daunting:
1.0 - ((0.1 * 1.0) + (0.9 * 0.9)((0.2 * 1.0) + (0.8 * 0.9)((0.3 * 1.0) + (0.7 * 0.9)((0.4 * 1.0) + (0.6 * 0.9)((0.5 * 1.0) + (0.5 * 0.9)((0.6 * 1.0) + (0.4 * 0.9)((0.7 * 1.0) + (0.3 * 0.9)((0.8 * 1.0) + (0.2 * 0.9)((0.9 * 1.0) + (0.1 * 0.9)((1.0 * 1.0) + (0.0 * 0.9)))))))))))


I think possibly using a 5% cumulative death/10% cumulative heal chance may be reasonable especially considering the reaper that looms around the corner, a smaller chance to die on turn 1 (compare to its current state (provides a greater chance to “troop cleanse” in the first turn while still getting a chance to trigger)), the same chance to die turn 2 (again compaired to the current state), then a greater chance to die every turn after (compared to its current state but while always having a chance to heal that’s twice as much as the death chance)

This will accomplish 2 things,

First: it reduces the chance to trigger on the first turn to 1/20 from 1/10 allowing a greater chance to be cleansed via mercy and the like, and,

Second: it allows a greater chance to trigger beyond the 2nd turn that will make deathmark seem like the one status effect you would refuse to cast Mercy in favor of cleansing.

Of course this also has a chance of making the trait even more overpowered…

I’d like to see what other people think in this matter

First thought is that sounds over-complicated… Let’s see what happens, shall we…

So best death mark teams?

Given that there are 20,000+ active players, going by the leaderboard each week, and the top players play hundreds of games each day, I think a full team deathmark wipe won’t be all that rare of an occurrence, across all players. Each individual player will rarely experience it, but it will probably happen to somebody every couple weeks.

I think giving the player at least a single turn opportunity to cast a cleanse spell would be ideal. Preventing the deathmark from landing in the first place shouldn’t be the only viable strategy.

Upon Death’s release, we’ll be able to hear more of people’s thoughts on the matter by example instead of speculation. Death is also a costly Mythic troop, so frequency of play will be rather minimal.

I know people around here seemingly hate the whole “wait and see” approach, but this is like when Mab and Borealis were released.

People were already fretting Borealis with his “freeze all” spell, but he gets less play than Behemoth does by this point. While Mab on the other hand actually proved Freeze’s strength.

My bet is Death will be like Borealis, in that he isn’t half as frightening (and more like only somewhat frustrating) to deal with. Balancing can take effect after he’s available to the public to complain about.


Data dumping, opinion-free:

The impact of the devs giving the troop a one-turn grace period wherein deathmark could be cleansed but could not kill would drop the mortality per troop over ten turns from 23.23% to 15.81%.

As the status effect used to be, with a two-turn grace period, the mortality per troop was 9.57%. That’s assuming no spell-based cleanse and 10 full turns before end of the match. No wonder they changed it.


We have troops that can place deathmark already and one or two that are common, I am wondering if it would be best to test deathmark to see what it can do as a single hit first then extrapolate that data.

You have the power to test it all you like. What would you be testing it for?

He likes to do his own math

To find the fastest team that can apply it as often as possible while also getting bonuses for using deathmark.[quote=“TaliaParks, post:66, topic:9634, full:true”]
He likes to do his own math

Testing is not always about math, it sometimes revolves around finding team synergies that are still undiscovered and breaking the new toys we have before we get more.

Okay, then. I’m sure I’m not the only one eagerly anticipating your results.

I did not say I was going to test it. Ok i will find it but my skills in team building are eclipsed my my math skill. Lyya i am going to use your site for this.,6062,6180,6110
With full traits and abyss banner, 2+purple, 1+red and -1 yellow. This was from the first test and i only had traits on my giant spider(level 18) and valkyrie (level 18) all others were level 5. The line-up should be straight foreword.

After Succubus kissed my Queen Mab to death, I think current Death Mark is op. The main discussion was about new mythic Death. But things like Succubus - only 9 mana for instant death chance, or Creeping Death - Strong AoE attack with 2 extra death mark, doesn’t feel balanced.