DarkWarriors chat (all friends are also welcome)

We in Mean Machine have reached 40k seals every single week since the feature was implemented. So yeah it’s very achievable.

yeahh in a normal guild of course, this is only a joke guild for the moment.

Some people play a lot an others nothing. So many time very kind I think.

Things going to change a little since Guild Wars are coming.

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well, I think we should look at end of week stats tonight, think about booting people who aren’t contributing and invite new people. It wouldn’t take that much more for us to hit 40K.

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so what kind of requirements are we talking about here? seals i usually do 1k at the very least . but the improvements i made on my team , 1500 seals is not that hard . been trying to jog between completing kingdom quests and pvp ing now to raise the kingdoms levels . maxed out all 4 of magic kingdoms . doing the hear kingdom right now and attack is next on the agenda .

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Well, at last I get Famine.

How many time looking for this troop to make a new composition. Now just see if I have the traitstones for him. Is Famine week?

Now I only need to search for 4 more. Easy. Just tomorrow I guess.

Also people, join this site is a good place for see people of same/different countries.

And just now another new mythic. Is a joke?

:gift: :: maybe :jack_o_lantern: just lol :sunglasses:

Hey all,
I’m not that active in chat, since I’m only playing on my phone, so sorry for that.
But I’m all for implementing minimum requirements. We should definitely aim for 40k seals/week but with a few members doing 200 or less seals/week this is not possible. Everyone can have a bad or busy week once in a while, but then you should try to contribute more in the other weeks (of course seals would not be possible, but gold and trophies are).

I think everyone should aim for 50k or 100k+ gold per week and at the absolute least 1000 seals.

We would need about 1300seals per person for the 40k, so while everyone may have a few less active weeks, I think at least on average everyone should contribute 1300seals/week.

Also I’m lvling my last four kingdoms now, so hopefully I will be able to contribute more gold in the future. But while there are members contributing up to 10 times as much gold as I am, it does feel a little unfair.

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Good to know that. Thanks for come here and talk to us.

This is a very good site to learn.

Yes, hope we see more of the people who have been silent in chat.

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Yes I also have my numbers. Let´s see this new system event that´s coming.

Give people last chance. Some of them answer already, waiting for the others.
If this new system event could give them new possibilities to help us a little more.

Really I don´t want to begin kicking people and get my finger hot like hell, lol.

But requirements are going to be necessary soon.

I think it’s normal that a guild wants to grow and introducing requirements is a good step to do it. Even if it means that I will get kicked, I understand. Only got 600 seals this week, but I’ve been quite busy with life. I try to improve and meet the requirements in the future, but if I don’t then I will not be mad if you kick me :slight_smile:

so any idea what would the requirements would be ? if it seals i can see myself completing it . if its gold i will need a few weeks maybe to completely lvl my kingdom before i can start contributing decent amount of golds .

I (shaidarh) know that I’m definitely getting more out of the guild than I am contributing. I do what I can, but I would classify myself as “active casual”. In other words, I play some everyday, but not much and certainly not at the level needed for the guild to reach 40k each week. My towns are all level 8/9, so I can’t/don’t contribute much gold either. If the guild is transitioning from “casual” to “serious”, then, please kick me from the guild. Like @qube said, I won’t be mad :grin:

Well my intention with this, not was people get afraid by kick out. I don´t kick any minimal active member yet. And we have people than are completely not active since they join (I think I know why, but is only my own thinking).

Every one can get 105 seals only for enter the game every day and 5 for every battle, also battles levelling kingdoms, so it easy to see who is not playing nothing. Is not a problem if anyone don´t wants to play more, but to stay in guild to only collect rewards is a problem for me because I think that if we want a equality experience in a group of people, all must contribute more less the same.
Or at least a minimum to not be a charge for group.

As I just said before is so frustrating hear people say; why we don´t get the 40k if they do his part regularity. I never want to put requirements in my guild, for what? And I still don’t want.
What happens if a go out for work a week? I be kick?. Is so sad see also other guilds with the same problem. People who has been kick of a guild and don´t understand. Every week same problem.

I only asking people for a little effort, play a little. Is so hard what I’m asking for?

I think I be so kind and comprehensive for long time. I´m not asking for gold I said many times nothing of gold everyone who is climbing kingdoms, you need it.
I know we are climbing fast that`s the best reason to improve.

If someone thinks that are not going to play only just leave, no drama. I appreciate a lot his company and his time and work for the guild be sure of that.

Now I can say definitely:
-Requirements still away for DarkWarriors Guild -

NOW show me we don´t need them

(qube you are not the problem, you never be a problem I think)

Thanks all

I’ve been a little less active in the past weeks, but I always climb to rank 1 and give gold every week, even though my kindgoms aren’t maxed yet. I hope I’m not part of the problem because I don’t have time to go for 1500 seals per week, but I’ll always at least be around 500-1000.

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there is not a problem only a few people that don´t play nothing else.

I´m sure they know who are, and some of them are changing his activity a lot. Thanks.

Be sure Raito you are not a problem.
Lol Why problem all people?

Hi, I think that what should be done is to have all and reach the rank 10 in all the kingdoms so that I can donate more gold.

As a recommendation fight a lot in pvp to get the gold for the realms and at the same time they will be getting seals for the guild.

if at some point one people is kicked be sure that will be for not play for a long time

My English is bad enough, if there is something badly written it is because I am using a translator.

Greetings and thank you.

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Hey, it’s great people are showing up here and being able to communicate so we all know what’s going on. Even if the in game chat wasn’t broken, I like this format, since you can look back a day or a week in the thread and see what somebody said.

I agree with you, ono, the idea wasn’t to start making rules and booting people if they miss a week, but I do think we should only have people who are actively playing the game and contributing. Everyone will have weeks they have time to play more or not as much. I’ve had more time than usual the past several weeks, but will do less in the coming week since I will be traveling and spending time with family for Thanksgiving, one of the bigger holidays here in the U.S.

After the last events that happened on guild, I be in the situation to make clear some things I think many members need to know.

DarkWarriors is an active/casual guild, you know when you join in. At least most of you.
When I make the decision to put requirements in guild was only to reactivate people that seems that they won´t play more. Only to make them sense to make a decision. I only ask for a little activity, no more, but only enter to claim guild rewards is not something gratifying for the rest of the people that play hard to get them.

But now I can realise myself how wrong I do. I feel people sad, and afraid, and this is just the opposite of my original intention. I explain before that requirements are going to be in guild if people wanted, if guild needed. But I am generous and understand a lot of things that happened in real life and his effects in game play.
I repeat that was far away of my intention.

So no requirements are allowed in guild yet

I send PM to many people with some more information about this or others things I think important.

Do l really need to send 29??

Come on people, give me a break please I’m tired with this situation.
I hope this can resolve all dudes.

Thanks all. also for be so comprehensive with me.

I think we should all look to get 1k seals each week. It would be nice to have a good shot at some mythics.

Currently I’m running:

Giant Spider
Emp Khorvash

Also trying to get their traits filled up.

Take care.

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This guild is one of the coolest in all of the games i have ever played . usually a guild will setup a requirements to be eligible to stay there . this is only to make sure that the player contribute even a bit to the guild however small that maybe . cmon people support ono by contributing even if its just a tiny bit .

i ran with this team nowadays :
Emp. Khorvash

all fully traited . its a fun team … canceling opponents skills . hope this helps

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