DarkWarriors chat (all friends are also welcome)

Hello @Virginia1984 , thanks for contribute with some funny things, we really need them :slight_smile:

@McDiddy: I said before but I repeat, nothing of gold to guild if people is levelling kingdoms to 10

Last week we made an exception trying to make something special, but no more plans yet.

Since :

.we’ve got some exciting things coming in the 3.0 Guild Wars update!

We need all people with the kingdoms maxed. Nobody knows how it could be.

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And it´s done

We have the second Guild: LightWarriors

For the casual members, and for the future members also. It´s going to be casual but if some members are so active we look for a spot in DarkWarriors.

Happy news at least.

Thanks @human_0 Shaidarh

We have a chat for both guilds

For all the inactive people.

A simple clarification : I’m not going to wait more weeks or give more chances to some of them, sorry but I’m just tired.

Is not the first time or the second. They know who are they.

Go for it OnoPlalaver.
It’s kind of frustrating that the guild can’t hit 40k seals, when some of us get 1,500 each week and three people even bought extra seals this week.

As a sidenote here are the current numbers with 2 days to go in the week:
11 @ 300 gold, (14 @ 200k+ gold , 16 @ 150k gold)
11 @ 1300 seals, (18 @ 1000)
11 @ 200 trophies, (15 @ 150)

So a little over a third have made the original goals, with about half making the new goals.

Sorry for all the members who are going to get move.

I hope they understand that there is not the first time o second I give them some advices.

I was very glad and happy for all this time with us. For all contribution and friendly time.
I wish if some of them wanted to join the second guild. Lightwarriors, the one more casual.

Sorry but I said many times that is really necessary yet.

My better wishes to all this people. I hope all is good in his/her life.

Sorry but is the only way. lo siento por todos aquellos que van a ser expulsados,

Come By and check out the New & Refreshed Treasure Hunt Game Page. :moneybag:
Share your Best Turns, Scores & Favorite Screen Shots with us. :grinning:

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a little late, but thanks to everyone for helping to reach the 40k seals last week, that was really cool.

This week seems a bit harder with all the server issues, but with the new requirements and new active members I see everything going well.


What were the final reqs again? 300K gold, 1,300 seals and 200 trophies?

This game really is wearing on me. For a fun free-to-play game it sure is a PITA.

it fails continuously it´s frustrating.

What must I do now?

As a GM.

  • I must change requirements?

Difficult to the more casual players to reach the 1500 seals now.

Let´s see how it´s going

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Yeah Ono.
I had the day off and I wanted to do 100 matches and make close to 1000 seals.
Only did 18, and maybe 350 seals.

The guild systems sucks. It really hurt casual and mid tier guilds.
The power ones hit 40k easy, and get all the bonuses.

If we don’t get 40k, we have hard time getting mythics and hard time winning. We’ve only done it once, and that’s becuase people spent real money to do it.

They should either increase guild to 40 people or lower the last reward to 30k

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Keep it the way it is 150k, 1500(?), 150
If most people in the guild miss it, then it’s due to server issues.

And the issue still alive.

So now , what can we do?'
I’m very sure that our plan for this week is now broken at all. it´s impossible to do it now.

So, I must kick also members that be inactive for the issue?
maybe I must kick myself also.

Dificult to say how can affect this.
Now I go for several hours and can´t do nothing.

Guild members, try to do something please, no matter what it is, thanks.

bad week I see

Well in weeks like this we could either reduce or ignore the requirements.
I think everyone could aim for ~half the requirements this week and when the servers are running smooth again we go for the full requirements.

Later guys. I’m quitting the game.

It’s so unstable, It’s horribly balanced, and it feels more like a job than a game.
There are other games I want to play.
It’s not the people or the guild.
Good luck hitting 100

What can I say?

I enjoy your company here a lot. You be the most active in this forums chat, now is going to die softly.

Thanks a lot for all this time here, I appreciated a lot. You be one of the first in this second chance of the guild, and help a lot to grow it. Thanks.

I understand your view point, and I never force anybody to do nothing-

I hope you be more happy now and really enjoy your time.
I wish you the best for you and yours and have a great week

happy to have you here all this time. We are going to miss you, be sure.

And Finally we did it. We are TOP 100.:smile:

GONGRATULATIONS to all Guild Members. I need to say thanks to all the people who joined DarkWarriors no matter the time it was . Thanks a lot for contribute to this.

When I made the guild , 538 days ago I didn’t believe in we could reach the top. Constancy make it happens.
Long time we were 5 people here, special thanks to this 5 members that keep it alive the guild.

We have plans to reach TOP 50? Why not. But sure we are not going to became crazy for that.

DarkWarriors still climbing, thanks ALL.


  Ono  Palaver    DarkWarriors  Leader

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I am honored to be a member of this group at such an important time for all…

I promise to contribute my bit to make all you feel satisfied with my performance

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And we make our record. Thanks all members a lot.

14 Legendary Tasks we have made this week, thanks a lot for the effort. No mythic but we know how we can do a lot of this tasks.

We make more in the future. Also 40k again, good week I see.
Keep with the good job people, we still climbing hard in ranking.

Thanks a lot for this special week.:fireworks::sparkler:


Y esta hecho. La cantera LigthWarriors cobro vida.

Este chat es el enlace en el foro de ambos gremios, no dudeis en hablar por aqui tambien.

Un saludo y a crecer.