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Daily Rewards for Tasks

Hello, new to forums and been playing the game on XB1 for several months now.

Just wondering what people think of the limit of 4 daily tasks and the rewards for them.

I personally think the rewards are not adequate for most challenges since the update. So much so that I went searching to see if there were message boards.


The rewards just received a buff from an update a few days ago. You will need to complete your old Tasks to get the new ones.

I have been very vocal about this issue in the past, however the new ones seem quite balanced (I do miss the Complete 4 Maps for 100 Glory, although it was off the hook)

One of mine won’t reset even though it says 18/8 complete

Its the win 8 battles with troops from drifting sands. Which I just realized after typing that we don’t even have that kingdom yet.

You will tomorrow.

This has been discussed at length already. The previous task update was almost universally disliked. The newest update was almost universally considered an improvement, although still a far cry from the rewards that were available with the previous system. It doesn’t appear as if the devs are willing to change the 4 task maximum per day.

See also: Making the tasks fun instead of tedious

You may be interested to know there has also been discussion regarding future changes to the guild tasks. Nothing concrete to the changes other than gems and glory keys will reduce and other resources will then be obtainable too.

Guild changes are a long way off on console. 2 updates away at the earliest. And since we just received an update, I’d say 6 months before we see it.

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Thanks for the feedback, seems like an active forum.

Adding this site to a favorite on my phone.

I’ll check out the other thread as well.