Crafting System - Wishes, Expectations & Hopes

here are my hopes:

  • troops including base mythics will be craftable
  • it will require to play minigame to farm the new resource
  • new resource gain will not be tied/limited per DAY (im fine with weekly)
  • it will not cost real money to craft

Latest crafting news:

What we knew about Crafting System before ◄

what are your guesses wishes or expectations towards crafting system?


I do hope troops of any rarity will be craftable.
Next i do hope weapons will be craftable too.
I’d prefer needing a lot of new collectible rather than having it being limited to acquire.
If anything starts costing real money I’ll be out of the game. I have no positive feeling about weapons only being obtainable with money right now so i hope we will be able to craft them.

I don’t have any huge desire for crafting system to come as soon as possible but those are my hopes about it.


I’m hoping the new Minigame is FUN.

I like treasure hunt, but hate arena. I’d love for this game to be like the old weapon forging game.

I’m hoping every item/troop/stone in the game can be crafted. So anything, short of souls and gold, that you’re missing, can be crafted to help you fill your personal wants.


i hope acquiring the new currency will be fun, instead of mindless grinding.
I hope that all cards, mythics included shall be forgeable for a reasonable in game price, and not after weeks of hardcore grinding. Also that real money will not be involved.


I want to see a creative mini game for crating resource gain.

The ability to use said resource to fill ANY hole in your collection be it weapon, troop, or vegetable.

I would also love to see an ability to craft traitstones.

Uses should not be limited and if an entry resource is required, ala Maps, then I hope they are plentiful to find.

Finally while I don’t think it should require $ I think that the dev’s would be remiss not to include gems somewhere in the cost so that there is the option to recoup some of the design, implementation costs of adding this MUCH DESIRED FEATURE!!!

Go Crafting!!! :wink:


Here is one more quote for "What we know"
Weapons will be craftable.


thank you, added it :smile:

Considering crafting got bumped back one patch. And they are adding a new mini game I would wish they would reexamination the rewards again in the other 2 minigames.

TH: After they fact they added Traitstones rewards for 15 moves, what about every 30/60 giving an small additional bonus.
A: give something special for a perfect run.
There are a plethora of great ideas out there please incorporate some of them.

I see some comments about money. The developers need a revenue stream. But Money should not be required to craft a particular item, just a player option as a time/effort accelerator for the crafting mechanic. “Similar” to the way the other in game Packs work now.


I love the idea of a new mini-game. GoW has too few of them.


One thing I think we should all expect: You won’t be able to get a targeted Mythic in a month or less (without spending money).

I have a feeling they’ll have to put a hard limit on how much you can play and it’ll take like 6-8 weeks to get a specific Mythic. Otherwise it would crush the drive to open chests to get the new Mythic each month.


I’m hoping that crafting traitstones will be available too. Granted I don’t personally need many currently, but for a lot of people that could be huge.

5 minor + X souls = 1 major
5 major + X souls = 1 runic
10 runic + X souls = 1 arcane

Then troops/weapons would require stones of the color, souls, and whatever new component. So if a new player wanted to make a Valkyrie I’d need a few Red/Yellow arcanes. If they didn’t have them, they could build them up and then make the troop. If I wanted to make an Abynissa, I’d need a dozen or more Blue/Yellow, Blue/Purple, and Yellow/Purple along with a ton of souls and farmed mats.


This is exactly what I meant!!!
You just said far more elegantly than I. :wink:


are they? please quote

i actually have no idea will it be minigame, they gave it a name that suggests its a minigame but it could be as well just a menu where you transmute resources into another (by clicks like leveling a unit etc)

I’m hoping the crafting system will severely limit the amount of troops that can be crafted based on time. For me, the main goal within the game is to perfect my troop collection. If I could just craft all the missing ones at once whenever I like, the whole collection part would feel pretty pointless. I guess I’d be okay with a Mythic every two to three months to gradually fill in blank spots, with each decision being a tough choice (e.g. Famine now, Gard much later? Or rather go for Death?). Slow enough for new blank spots to open up, so there’s still always something to aim for.


New mini game is coming, but its an addition of the Crafting update so those will come together.

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my wishes are coming true then :grinning:
i still want to see the original quote from devs about it please :slight_smile:

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Sirrian posted it himself. I can find it now. But the new mini game will be incorporated with the new crafting system somehow.

Can’t really search for quote via mobile and slow internet, but Sirrian announced that and stated the name of the new mini game is Soulforge :slight_smile:

well that one is already in the quotes i gave, but he never said it is a “minigame” in that quote…

Just for you :smiley: