CONSOLE: Witches in Britches

Thanks for the clarification, man! Wasn’t quite sure regarding the size of the toad.

So Pharos-Ra this coming Friday and possibly Silverglade towards the end of the month, @Alpheon?

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Lol you are welcome

@Sirrian, also wondering about the next new kingdom for console, last I remember hearing it would be ‘in the next couple of weeks’. Any new news on this? :wink:

Good thing I saved up on a bunch of glory, I can buy multiple packs of Night Hag so I can fully trait Queen Mab and maybe Psion as well.
May get some Giant Toads too so I can unlock all traits of Loyalty.

And how come the Really Big Toad, poor thing, doesn’t get as big a send-off as the Bugbear?

Need to bring in the Dire Toad, people! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That is the current plan. (I believe Silverglade, we’re aiming for March 24th)

Please note: Release dates may change so not 100% until released.


Aye nice one. Cheers.

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Bring it on! Need some new content to keep me going :slight_smile:

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No catch up date :frowning:

It was originally quoted for December 2016, then the beginning of the year… now there is no estimation. I get that Sony/Microsoft can hold things up, but it would be nice to hear that there’s at least a date they’re shooting for out there. Currently console is getting one more troop per week than PC/Mobile is… so, we’re really only catching up at a snails pace. Which makes me think that it won’t be until August or so until we’re fully caught up… or about 8 months after what they originally stated.

Perhaps (and hopefully) I’m wrong though… Only one of the devs would be able to shine light on that, I suppose.

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Microsoft and Sony make it hard to lock in an exact date for consoles to catch up troop-wise, because of the advance planning involved and the way they can alter our timelines. Our current aim is about 2 months away but we expect that this will change.

We’ve mostly caught up in features (and consoles have several features that PC/ Mobile don’t have), but content is harder to catch up on unfortunately. We’re attempting to modify our plan so that it works better with the MS/Sony approval times, but that has meant we needed to change our procedures & workflow involving weekly events… all of that takes time unfortunately.


Will catchup require us getting the 3.0 guild wars patch first?

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Quick side question about Pharos rap since we’re (supposed to be) getting him this week:

Does his 3rd trait stack? So if I had 2 of them in a team would I get +300% souls at end of battle?

It stacks on PC, so hopefully that will persist through to console.

Despite being cool and all noone is ever going to use these OR OR OR cards because the game already has enough maddening RNG, who would seriously inflict upon themselves RNG willingly? And its not like these cards do anything that useful to warrant using them.

Oh great you half ONE cards stats which they instantly regain with a single guardian cast.

Come on guys.

If all you want is souls, 1 Valk 3 acolyte and play an easy challenge like first darkstone. Gets 3 darkstone kills too. Or 3 warlock which I think is easier.

it is one of those cards id put on a troll defense if i didnt mind loosing, as silly as it is - the card has its use :stuck_out_tongue:

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Exactly! RNG on offence is maddening; on defence it can be a killer :slight_smile:

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I need like 600,000 souls still to 5 star all my kingdoms, and don’t have a ton of time each week to play hundreds of matches. A Pharos Ra or two would increase my bang for buck, play time-wise.

Also, what’s the biggest soul grab people are getting with him? 2 would give 300%, throw another necro unit in there for 350%, add in celestial armor, Warlord 3, and guild bonuses and you could probably nab… what? Close to 1,000 souls per match?

All + bonus are additive. 3 necromany troops at 50% would give you an extra 150%
A 100% armor and 50% vip would give total of +300% souls. +50% souls difficulty brings up to 350%

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