CONSOLE: Weekly Chest Drop

Does anybody know where I can find the weekly chest drops for Console? I can’t find them anywhere. Basically where it says what’s available in chest for each week. I don’t want to use my keys if something is not available. Thanks!

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Hi, hopefully this list may be some use to you :smile:

Can you be a little more specific? Are you asking about event chests in particular (which change drastically from week to week), or gold/glory/gem chests, where most of the cards are available (subject to rarity), but certain cards which are available on console have not yet been added? For example, a single copy of Desdaemona was given to all players on Christmas, but she is not yet available in chests (in general, 4 weeks after a troop is introduced, it is added to the relevant gold, glory and/or gem chests). There are other goofy cases like the imps, where only one is available in chests at any given time based on the current season.

The list that @Graeme pointed you to tracks the progress of the console version of the game in catching up with the PC/Mobile version, but isn’t a perfect or easy resource for determining what is actually in chests at any time (though you could figure it out from that list if you know all the rules).

For example when Abynissia came out last week or so she was the only Mythic available in chest. Just curious if there’s like a schedule of events or releases for chest drops. If I want to use my keys, how do I know who’s available (for all chest)?

In general, if you open your troop list and use the filter to “show all”, then subtract:

  1. Any non-seasonal imps (so right now, all imps except Winter Imp),
  2. Any troops released for glory, or given away in a special event, in the last 4 weeks (this you can figure out from my list in the other thread),
  3. Guild guardians, which are only available in guild chests, and
  4. Any other special cases, like when there is an exclusive week for a new Mythic,
    that should tell you exactly which troops are available in the general chests, bearing in mind that the range of rarities is different depending on which type of chest you are opening.

There is no handy list that you could refer to that would tell you exactly what is in console chests at any given time. @Rasper has one going for PC/Mobile, which will work for us whenever console gets caught up to PC/Mobile. Updated "Not in chests" list

Event chests are a special case, and there is a good discussion in the “Console: no one expects” thread right now. CONSOLE: No One Expects - #49 by Stan

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