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CONSOLE: Swamp Thing

2 event keys on console.
10 gold and 2 glory on PC.

If I go to KFC I’ll get chicken. If I look up while birds are flying over my head, I might get sh** on. I’d personally rather have the chicken.


In regards to KFC, I might rather get the bird shit.

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Don’t you dog KFC like that!!!

-This message has been brought to you by our sponsor KFC

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Way to double down. That thing looked disgusting lol

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On one hand I can sit at home and watch gorillas survive in their natural habitat on the National Geographic channel, or I can go to the zoo and…Harambe nooo. Oh god it still hurts. The world is a nasty place for analogies.

Pour one out for my homie man.


That old english being poured out for meme sakes is triggering me.

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At least some decent malt liquor, like Colt 45 lol
And yeah, I’m drinking 16oz Colts now.


I bought the marsh raptor but only because I wanted the traitstone. That was really annoying tbh, 300 glory for that!

Did you just spoil the troop release speed?[quote=“Robert, post:12, topic:12988”]
That is a terrible analogy for the plan and in no way refers to what is happening.

I think that is exactly what he is referring to. If the speed drops maybe this is a prediction of re-releasing of weapons for events.

We are all specifically referring to the difference in troops between console and PC. And gamemodes to a lesser degree.

Unfortunately, that’s still the same on PC/mobile - 300 glory for 1 arcane when you get UR or lower rarity troops.

Once the update comes out, you’ll be able to use explore mode to target a specific arcane if you only need a few. On average, it will take about 15 wins to get the specific arcane that you need and you can scale the difficulty to make it as easy or difficult as you want. I was lucky this week and got the new troop with just two event keys.


If the devs say they have a plan to catch up and keep reassuring you that you WILL catch up… I don’t understand why y’all keep arguing and saying it won’t happen or that it isn’t happening quickly enough. I think the developers know a smidge more about the inner workings of the game than you do…

If they say they have a plan and you’ll be caught up by the end of the year as long as everything works out, then it will happen. Delays for updates will be minor setbacks. Don’t stress out so much about it. No need to worry unnecessarily. They have a plan, have had it for a long time, and according to them it’s still working as intended. Even if you can’t see the plan or understand it, I trust that they know what they are doing and that there’s no reason to grab the pitch forks yet!

P.S. My “you” is not directed at any one person, rather to the console players as a whole, more specifically those who are overly concerned and argumentative about catching up


I’m not trying to be argumentative here, but honestly, we’ve been hearing that “there is a plan”, “trust us”, etc. for a long time. I, for one, have been trying to be patient, but the ‘early September’ update is still not here on September 28. And we don’t know when it will come, so everything is not going according to plan. I appreciate that the devs do not have control over all aspects of the process and weren’t anticipating that something as trivial as chat notifications that someone has unlocked a legendary would be offside on Sony and Microsoft’s privacy policies, but we just want to see some actual, tangible progress toward catching up. I also get that the devs can’t (and shouldn’t) discuss all the details of this plan, but they have a knack for dropping tantalizing hints here and there that tend to get a few people worked up, and then not providing any concrete details that will quiet the rumours and speculation.

No one is saying that “it won’t happen”. We’re just tired of sitting in this holding pattern. Please read all of the above with a tone of ‘mild exasperation/boredom’, rather than anger/outrage.


I’d feel comfortable in saying that everyone’s main concern is the “concrete details”.

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All I can say is that I know - heck EVERYONE knows - how unsatisfied console players are with the catch up. But you do have to remember that they started developing on consoles later than PC, and as Mr. strange has said, consoles have been getting things a lot faster than PC to make up for that time lapse.

The game takes awhile to develop. You can’t expect them to be able to do what they did for PC overnight for consoles, can you? (Exaggerated, but point is still there). They technically have no obligation to play catch up, but are trying their best anyways to do it as quickly as possible.

I’d say it’s more than generous of them to tell us their plans even in generic sense. Even just saying “hey don’t worry - by the end of this year you will be caught up” is more than enough. The alternative would be to completely ignore the complaints and go on with their plan in secret. They are being as up front about it as they can/want to be.

Perhaps I’ve just been part of a lot of early access/still developing game communities… But what they are doing and saying is more than what other devs do. Most devs don’t give any form of preview - or if they do its just a brief sentence here or there. You won’t know what’s being changed until the update hits and the patch notes are released. Usually don’t give time frames either, from what I’ve noticed.

Gems of War developers are typically very open about what they are doing. Sometimes slightly misleading or sometimes they miscommunicate… But they try and they give us information that we want to have. They respond to people every single day. They Interact with their community. Have a little faith in them. They care about their gamers and will treat you right.

Games just take a lot of time to develop. What looks easy enough to add actually takes up valuable time. There are Lots of delays or mistakes in development, lots of time spent bug fixing too.

I can understand frustration at the speed, but they are trying. And consoles are developing faster than PC was. It will catch up. Patience is a virtue.

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Coming in here telling us to essentially shut up is very cheeky; especially since it is the PC players that are constantly complaining. For your information they have given next to no information to us and never have, they are known for that.

The plan was for a 4 month catch up, some felt that was too much too soon, now it is 3. We have been told months ago that we are 3 months behind but catching… now we are 5 months behind. Regardless of that hardly anybody has had a bad word to say other than the single weekly troop releases are uninteresting and boring. All the while PC players are getting loads of new troops, modes and content and still pissing the bed because their amazing guilds are too good; declaring how bored they are and insinuating that they will have to play other games. I dont feel it is your place to tell us how to act.

And, the comments above are merely taking the mickey out of an analogy. Nobody is saying that the catch up wont happen or any other nonsense; just pointing out that the analogy that keeps coming is meaningless.


ROBERT WITH THE RKO OUTTA NOWHERE, JR!!! This capacity crowd is going wild!