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Console: Guild War Tips

Check each day that your defense teams are set. They tend to disappear.


Ty this is exactly the kind of tips and advice i was looking for


If you have obtained a Famine or two make sure to have them in your defense teams on all days in the GW. You will mostly be up against Famine, FG/Kerberos and DM/DK teams.


The color bonuses can be significant. Try to use a team with all four troops of the days’ color. Depending on the levels of your statues, it can double your score.

Also, troops that can summon other troops or that bring something out when they die are useful since you also get a bonus for the number of troops you have alive at the end of the match. Someone like Kerberos that can bring out Wargs when an enemy gets killed can be useful to fill an empty slot at the very end of the match to get that bonus.


:joy: talking about meta in action

but you summed it up pretty well :slight_smile:


A few common questions can be found here. As far as I’m aware (which isn’t very far really…) the answers shouldn’t be any different on console.


Hmmm, I joined a guild today before the weekly reset. Will I be able to participate in this weeks guild wars or is it the same as the PC situation??
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Hey guys a got a couple questions

1- is it true i can make all 30 battles on tuesday?

2- if so , isn’t better to make 5 battles every day? Since we get daily and weekly rewards?

No. You can do 5 battles per day. However if you want you can do all the battles on Sunday day. You can play past battles but not future ones.

Ok thanks but the past fight don’t count for the daily rewards?

Correct. Daily rewards are an incentive to do them that day.

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Just to clarify on #1: you get 5 battles per day, starting with Tuesday. You can do the battles the day you get them (ideally you should, since those count for the guild’s daily win) or any other day until the end of the war. So on Tuesday, you can do 5 battles. If you don’t do them, you’ll have 10 battles to do on Wednesday. 20 on Thursday and so on until Sunday, when you can do all 30 battles if you haven’t done them yet. Once the day ends on Sunday, a new week starts and any battles you haven’t fought yet are gone.

To add another tip: don’t retreat and don’t skip your battles. If you lose a match, you still get some points (very few, but you never know when they’ll make a difference). If you retreat or don’t fight at all, then you get no points. A few points is still better than no points.

You can get a maximum of 50% bonus per troop of the right colour. So actually, using all 4 troops of the day’s colour can get you tripple the score.

I forget who, but somebody somewhere made a good doc showing the scores you can get depending on number of day’s colour troops and surviving troops: google doc

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I thought I remembered reading that there were different defence teams for different days, but I can’t find a way to alter anything other than my regular PVP defence team. Am I missing something, or did I misunderstand, or are things different on console?

On PC/mobile, you need to click on each flag on the right of the name of each opponent to set a team for each day. Is the screen different on console?

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I started a thread where i shared my mono-color teams that may be helpful since others have shared as well

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I’m away from my console at the moment - that may be it. I don’t remember seeing the defence buttons on the right, but my memory is not 100% reliable. I’ll check later today if someone else doesn’t chime in to confirm.

same screen I did it already


Big Thank you everyone for your tips

Does anyone want to share any thoughts on how much benefit there is to putting different defence teams on different days? It sounds like a lot of people are just putting up the most brutal defence they can manage (some combination of famine, deathknight, kerberos, spirit fox, etc.), but is anyone having some success with teams that are built to combat the daily colour? I.e., using Amira to defend against blue, Desdaemona or Spirit Fox against yellow, etc.

I’ve been using anti colour teams, but not to great effect. Though I’ve been low GW ranks for most weeks, so I haven’t seen that many battles on defense. However I think the thinking is, put something that have a good chance at getting some kills easily (EG devour, death mark, 4x Empowered troops), rather than winning, since that will lower the points of the attacker at a much higher chance than winning. And anti colour teams are more designed to win on defense than get kills.