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CONSOLE: 2.1.5 Patch Notes

Can anyone on the PC/mob side share which update contained the “disenchant mythics all to 4” function? I kinda hoped this would be in 2.1.5 for consoles, but it is not…


Well I have bought a few items from the shop this week and it’s not loading into my game. I spent 30 bucks trying to see if it was just not connecting. Because normally once you buy it and it returns to regular screen it shows with a loading bar and gives you the items you bought. Even with the daily items. And I signed in today and still nothing. But it definitely took the money from my actual bank account. Is there a bug or can this be fixed somehow on my end?

@Khazun, It was update 2.1.5

It’s listed under ‘General Changes’.

That’s weird that they didn’t include that in Console 2.1.5. We at least got the ‘two clicks to disenchant all of one troop’ ability, but the ‘disenchant all extra mythics’ would have been really nice.

I wonder, probably a stupid question, but how can we unlock the dwarf heroes skin? i see one other player use dwarf heroes skin, but dont know how to get it.
just in case : i play on ps4

You can buy it from the shop under Bundles. With real cash…

That just confirm, im unlucky guy… not appear in my bundles set… This is the life. Well, one day maybe. BTW thx for information.

@Rickygervais mate what are these Double legendary packs available for Xbox? Got me curious. :wink:

Hey @Buggyleclown, sorry for late reply, but this was an issue with new characters that would give them the dwarf race by default. This is fixed and people that were affected had their races reset to one of the starter races. Anyone who has purchased the races won’t be affected. The avatar packs should be available soon on PS4 :slight_smile:

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Many thanks for the free Desdaemona! :grinning:

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